"AR will be more successful than VR," Apple's Tim Cook caught thinking

Apple's CEO Tim Cook said "virtual reality(Virtual reality / VR)AlsoAugmented reality(AR)It is interesting though both are interesting, but AR thinks that AR is more commercial success than VR "Good Morning America NewsI understood from the program interview. Although VR terminals and platforms are being released one after another, Apple seems to focus on AR direction.

Exclusive: Why Apple CEO Tim Cook Prefers Augmented Reality Over Virtual Reality - ABC News

The difference between VR and AR is difficult to understand, but in general, it is "AR" to add another information to the information recognized by humans in the real world, expressing the expression including the virtual world as if it were a reality It is said that "VR" is what makes the user experience as if it is the world.

For example, Microsoft's projecting 3D holograms in the real worldHoloLensIs included in the AR.

"Microsoft Holographic" official demonstration movie that projects 3D hologram to the real world and shares visibility & 3D objects can also be created - GIGAZINE

Pokemon GO, released in July 2016 and a huge hit, is an AR application that overlays the world of Pokemon on top of the real world.

"Pokemon GO" finally appeared in Japan, I only have a big wave to involve the world so I tried playing with crispy - GIGAZINE

On the other hand,HTC ViveYou can say that the following movies using VR experience. It is characterized by being able to experience "immersive" in the world without relying on the real world.

Women's screaming movie playing horror FPS with VR headset "HTC Vive" over 900,000 plays - GIGAZINE

The kind of content such as games and applications varies, but as you can see from the explosive hit of Pokemon GO, Cook CEO thinks that ARs based on the real world are more likely to hit commercially It looks like she is. In July, "I realize that AR is truly a wonderful technology.Apple has invested a lot of money for AR technology development and I will continue in the future.Apple is going to continue to use AR technology in the long term "AR thinks that it is also good for consumers and I believe there is a business opportunity.The most important thing is that products of other developers such as Pokemon do not matter on Apple products It is to make it move, I will see lots of players actually using the iPhone looking for Pokemon. "

CEO Tim Cooke says Apple is developing an AR - GIGAZINE

And indeed, in Apple's special event held on 8th September 2016, Pokemon GO was announced to appear in Apple Watch.

Pokemon GO appeared in Apple Watch, it is possible to display the calorie consumption and play on the terminal - GIGAZINE

Cook to the interviewer of Good Morning America News, "AR makes it possible for us to" sit down and talk over here "and" to see things here without them "by this time What you are talking about may be about our topics and it may be someone who does not exist here. "" There are lots of really cool things. " In addition, "Although VR which immerses and confines user to experience is very cool, commercial attention will go down with time," he says, and according to the characteristic of AR "exists now" , CEO's view is that AR will be commercially more successful than VR. However, in the field of games and education, he is interested in using VR.

It is an Apple related information siteMac Rumors"We are investigating ways Apple implements AR and VR on iOS devices or new hardware products" while pretending that "whether AR and VR products will be released or not is unknown." Google will also launch VR platform "DaydreamSamsung is expected to release "VR headset"Gear VR"Or"Oculus RiftAlthough it is collaborating with this, from this interview, it seems likely that Apple will focus on devices and platforms related to AR in the future, not in the direction of these VRs.

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