I tried eating in the world the deepest green tea gelato at Asakusa's "Sasagi Kikon × Nanaya"

"Zujikien (Suzukien)" wholesale of tea sells Matcha gelato from January 2016. There are 7 levels from this gelato, "Matcha No. 1" to "Matcha No. 7", of which "No. 7" was awarded the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize Awarded "Tea Gelato in the World with the Largest Matcha in Tea" It is said that it is finished. Everything, I tried to eat and compare how much difference is in 7 stages, No. 1 to No. 7, all seven types.

To be healthy and beautiful. Mail ordering of tea · Asakusa "Shigusaki Koen" Tokyo Metropolitan Tea Wholesale Co., Ltd. We deliver it with careful selection of taste.

There are shops in Asakusa 3 - chome, Taito - ku 4-3. Behind the Asakusa Temple, it is along the interchange. It is approximately 800 meters from Asakusa Station of Tokyo Metro · Toei Subway · Tobu Sky Tree Line and about 500 meters from Asakusa Station of Tsukuba Express.

The nearest public transportation is the city bus and Asakusa 2 chome bus stop.

It is not unusual that the queue is stretched outside the shop like the photo, and in some cases you may be on standby at the waiting place.

Business hours are from 10:00 to 17:00, and the third Wednesday is closed.

Whatever you say, "The darkest green tea gelato in the world".

In addition to Matcha gelato, there are Daito Azuki, Ichigo, Hojicha, Brown Rice Tea, Japanese Black Tea, Black Sesame Gelato, but there were quite a few people who ordered Matcha after all.

There are only a few eating and drinking spaces in the shop, but as it is expected to be severely bought and ordered seven, I brought home this time. Gelato, the cup is 350 yen for single and 460 yen for double. When it is corn, it is 380 yen for single and 480 yen for double. Also, since only "Matcha No. 7" is a plam product, prices are slightly different, single cup 550 yen, single corn 570 yen. In combination with other gelato, the double cup is 650 yen and the cone is 670 yen. If it is double of No. 7, the cup is 800 yen, the cone is 820 yen.

For luggage, a cup lid of 10 yen and a paper bag of 50 yen is prepared. Because it is necessary to prepare the refrigerant yourself, if you are planning to carry long distances, it is good to have an insulated bag containing a large refrigerant.

So, I tried arranging from No. 1 to No. 7 again the place. I feel the difference in color more clearly than when it is in the showcase.

The one that looks white as compared to No. 1, the color gradually darkens from there toward No.4 on the right. In the front No. 5 to No. 7, although the color is slight, the color is getting deeper.

No.1 is said to be "the same strength as marketed green tea ice", and when I try to eat it is certainly a taste that seems to be "sufficiently matcha matcha ice cream even at this level", but as you compare , When it becomes the richness of No. 3 to No. 4, it seems strongly that it is matcha tea and I think that "I want this flavor." On the other hand, when it goes beyond No. 4, I feel strongly the bitter taste of Matcha rather than sweetness, so I thought that it might not be too dense so far.

No. 7 waiting at the end is only to propose "the world's strongest", not biting compromises without biting as if "Matcha flavor is like this" bitterness. It is the taste of tea called "Wow, bitter ... ..." when in the tea ceremony. However, just like when you are eating high cacao chocolate, as this bittern comes, it gradually becomes a delicious feeling and you will not be satisfied with the bitterness of No. 4 to No. 6.

This is an item you would like to eat once if you like green tea, but depending on the person, you may not be satisfied with ordinary Matcha ice.

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