When artificial intelligence analyzes a movie with artificial intelligence and makes a trailer it becomes like this

IBM developed "WatsonIs an artificial intelligence that learns and analyzes like a human being, acquires Japanese in 2015, breaks through the entrance exam of SMBCTentative decisionI have received it. A project to make a trailer of the movie "Morgan" using that Watson is launched, and a trailer made by Watson is published on YouTube.

The movie "Morgan" is a thriller work by a woman in charge of a problem handling person of a company to investigate a horrible accident occurred in a super secret facility, with the theme of artificial intelligence. From handling artificial intelligence as a work, the 20th century Fox of the distributor talked to IBM and started a project to make Watson of artificial intelligence make trailer. The trailer that Watson made can be confirmed from the following movie.

Morgan | IBM Creates First Movie Trailer by AI [HD] | 20th Century FOX - YouTube

The trailer made by Watson begins with Lee Weather, a problem handling officer visiting top secretary facilities and investigating it.

Weather is watching the facility officials are opening Morgan's birthday party. A scene in which so-called "happy" emotions are overflowing.

There is a smile on Morgan's expression running around the garden.

However, the officials cloud their expression that "I had great expectations at this time." From this neighborhood the atmosphere of the trailer begins to give a feeling of suspense at a stroke.

Morgan and Weather face across the glass.

It shows how Morgan is attacking officials over the surveillance camera.

"You have a 13-year-old daughter, I will not be able to meet much from now," Morgan said.

Investigators who were interviewing Morgan will be caught in fear of Morgan's pressure.

This time scenes the officials are escaping from something outside the facility. A woman is crying "Do not go out there!" And it will be transmitted to you that two people are panicking.

Morgan approached the woman who caused the panic and said "Do not be afraid" ...

The trailer is over at Morgan's up telling that "I have to say good morning to my mother". The trailer began with "happiness", the last was "falling down with" fear ".

John Smith, who is studying artificial intelligence at IBM, said, "Morgan is a genre of genre called AI horror thriller, analyzing the main part of a movie using artificial intelligence Watson from 20th century Fox, and automatically making a trailer There was a story saying that it is possible ", explaining the background of the project.

This is a graph showing timelines that some kind of action occurred in Morgan's work, where there is some action where the blue line is high. As Watson creates this graph, Watson took out the part where the action protruded from the work and used it for the trailer.

Watson seems to be able to recognize scary scenes and happy scenes from visuals.

However, it is still more difficult to create something from scratch, and research is still necessary to make artificial intelligence have human level creativity.

In addition, in the previously released teaser trailer, the technique of hiding fear without showing Morgan's face at all was taken.

SF Thriller movie "Morgan" trailer that human beings create "something" that exceeds humans trailer - GIGAZINE

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