Although it is a hero but too extreme, the movie "Deadpool" designated by PG - 13 normally publishes the & 18 banned trailer

Many superheroes will appear in Marvel Comic's X-MEN series, but among them a different color hero "dead pool"Will be made into a movie and the trailer has been released. Deadpool is supposed to be a hero movie but because the content is extreme, it will be made public with PG - 13 designation, and trailers of the regular version and the 18 th version are unprecedented in how hero movie appeared.

The trailer of the regular version can be confirmed from the following movie.

Deadpool | Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX - YouTube

Wade Wilson who turned from a special unit to a mercenary sent a lover 's Vanessa Carlisle and happy days.

However, Wilson suffered from severe cancer, and the days when happiness were disintegrated.

Wilson 's drowning.

One gentleman visited Wilson under the fall, "Why do you want to cure the disease and also give the supernatural power that everyone wants to stop?", The devil's whisper.

And Wilson decides to take a special human experiment.

If the experiment succeeds, he will be given the healing ability that Wolverine had.

Wilson talks seriously, "I will do the right thing for my lover ..."

Before surgery, "Please stop only green costumes, please do nothing like anime," skip the jokes. "Green costume" plays WilsonRyan ReynoldsHero movie starring in 2011 "Green · LanternIt may mean that of "

It is submerged in liquid of muddy ... ...

Wilson who undergoes various human experiments.

Still we will not forget to say a joke.

And a big explosion.

It is a dead pool of red costume that was born.

It was cute but cruel scene that Deadpool was drawing in a good mood.

I noticed something ......

Suddenly falling from the spot.

Purely falling ... ...

It breaks down the sunroof of the car which passed under and invades into the car.

The bad guys who were in the car.

However, the dead pool is also bogged down.

However, punches will not be effective in dead pools with special healing capabilities, the bad guys being killed by the cotton pants.

And the car rolled over.

The bad guys are watching ... ...

The window of the overturned car opens slowly.

Deadpool raised her hand and said, "Do you know why my clothes are red? To hide blood flowing!" I will chew the joke.

"You are wearing brown trousers!" Deadpool said ... ...

Hip hop flows out and the show time starts.

I shoot guns while rotating in the air. Please note that the dead pool is a former special unit, so handling of the gun is handmade.

However, enemy bullet hits dead pool.

Despite the bullet penetrating, the dead pool is pinning.

Dead pool uses not only gun but also sword of two swords.

I occasionally go back and meet, but there is no problem.

A crazy dead pool is a woman ......

I love money and other things that are opposite to heroes.

Colossus of a mutant that appeared in the "X-Men" series.

This is Mutant's Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

Look at the weird face ......

"It's like a Utah state on the map," it is Wiesel, the dead pool's best friend, who releases Black Joke.

While there are gaudy actions, dead pool poisonous tongue jokes are exquisite.

Creeping behind the unknown enemy ... ...

A round and one turn.

And when you shoot one shot ......

Pierced through the head of three people. It is a brilliant skill.

Have you ever had a hero who has smoked the smoke coming out of the muzzle and said, "Oh my god, are you excited?"

The deadpool will be released in the United States from February 16, 2016, but the disclosure in Japan is unknown. In addition, the 18 th trailer to which an extreme scene was added can be confirmed from the following.

Deadpool | Red Band Trailer [HD] | 20th Century FOX - YouTube

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