"Pacific Rim" latest director, female fairy tale without voice and artificial creature "The Shape of Water" trailer release

In the middle of the Cold War where various weapons were developed in the United States, a woman working as a cleaning worker at a research facility witnessed a secret "creature" made in the laboratoryGuillermo del ToroA director's new movie is "The Shape of Water"is. Although it is a setting like a horror movie, a woman who can not speak gradually strengthens connection with a creature, and later he said, "She was a princess who had lost his voice." It is a fairy tale with romance I will.

The Shape of Water | Official Trailer | FOX Searchlight - YouTube

Alarm of reverberating alarm clock.

The lady who is the main room changes clothes ... ...

Flipping the calendar ...

I will polish my shoes.

I went to work while refining my watch. We are acting regularly.

Push the time card ......

The hands of the clock showed exactly 12 o'clock.

Women's work is a pattern of cleaning staff.

Peel off the gum on the floor.

......, but the work is working in a room with enormous mysterious equipment. Apparently it seems that I am doing cleaning work at research institution.

Next day, wake up in the morning ... ...

Shine your shoes ......

I went to work while confirming my watch.

Cleaning of another room from before.

Touching something like a tank ... ...

A big hand from the inside knocks the glass.

A woman who knew the existence of a creature fits the call and a man like a manager asks "Does not she hear?"

Women can hear their ears, but they do not seem to be able to talk.

The woman was then ordered to clean up a top secret laboratory laboratory and see "something" directly instead of over the glass.

Arranging the eggs at the edge of the aquarium ......

"Something" came out.

Creatures connected to the chain.

A man in the laboratory stated, "Because it stands with two legs, it may seem like a human being at first glance, but we built that viscera."

The woman teaches words to creatures in sign language ......

Researchers witnessed it.

"This creature understands languages ​​and emotions, it is an intelligent creature," persuading the man.

A woman looks as if she is in love.

"When he talks to me, I do not think imperfectly, he will see me as myself", I will talk about my feelings.

Become dancing or ...

It seems to be date while cleaning.

Between women and creatures a connection beyond words begins to be born.

However, while creatures are treated like slaves.

The woman moved the position of the surveillance camera and gradually became a disturbing atmosphere.

Researchers who prepare injections.

Mysterious people.

The movie theater has a bloody bill ......

There were creatures standing in the cinema.

Room flooded with water.

"What is she saying!"

Being a police officer ......

Traces of creatures in the bathroom.

It will develop into a murder.

The release date of The Shape of Water in the United States is December 8, 2017. The publication date in Japan is undecided at the time of article creation.

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