Mobile battery is up 101% due to Pokemon GO

ByNathan Rupert

The game "Pokemon GO", which is causing social phenomena all over the world, uses GPS, which is constantly running, uses 3D graphics frequently, acquires emergence information of Pokemon, and so on, so that the game of the smartphone or tablet Use batteries surprisingly. As a measure against the battery reduction problem, many Pokemon trainers are using mobile batteries, but the survey company found that Pokemon GO has significantly increased sales of mobile batteries.

Catch Em 'All While Charging Your Phone - Pokémon Go Fuels Sales of Portable Power Packs

Do market researchThe NPD GroupAccording to the survey, mobile battery sales in the United States from July 10, 2016 to July 23 rise turned out to be 101% higher than the previous year. NPD thinks that the biggest factor is the exceptionally popular game "Pokemon GO" whose sales are rising.

ByBrian Miller

Although sales of mobile batteries in 2016 were increasing compared to 2015 until July 5, 2016 when Pokemon GO was released, the sales growth rate was relatively slow. However, in the two weeks after Pokemon GO was released on July 5, about 1.2 million mobile batteries were sold.

Ben Arnold, an analyst at The NPD Group, said: "Pokemon GO is the most exciting game in the summer of 2016, making full use of location information, motion sensors, and AR features, but these features are common applications I will consume the battery more than it. "

Sales of mobile batteries are rapidly increasing not only in the United States but also in Japan. The selling price of mobile batteries listed at Amazon is lifted higher than usual, for example "Anker PowerCore 13000" is exhibited at 9999 yen, while the normal price is 2990 yen.

In Yodobashi, most mobile batteries are "ordered", and the situation continues that you can not get it immediately after placing an order.

Increasing sales of mobile batteries is a pleasant scream for manufacturers, but as the number of charge / discharge cycles increases the battery life will be short, which is a difficult problem for users.

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