A country where Pokemon GO is banned for the first time in the world appeared

Iranian officials pointed out that "High Council of Virtual Spaces" (High Council of Virtual Spaces), which regulates online activities, points out "security problems" of Pokemon GO (Pokemon GO), so Pokemon GO Announced legally prohibiting applications in Iran within the country.

Pokemon Go banned by Iranian authorities over 'security' - BBC News

Iran bans Pokémon Go, citing 'security concerns'

When the Iran-Islamic Republic banned Pokemon GO, the public institution High Council of Virtual Spaces (High Council of Virtual Spaces) who pointed out that "Pokemon GO has security problems", Iran's top guidance Be a personAlly HameneiIt is an institution established in 2012 to monitor Mr. Internet. The High Council of Virtual Spaces does not clarify details on "security issues", but the Iranian authorities had asked the developers Niantec to cooperate before officially banning Pokemon GO. However, cooperation from Niantec could not be obtained, and it seems that it was decided to proceed this time.


Iran decided to prohibit Pokemon GO for the first time in the world, but since Pokemon GO is a play style that actually visits places in the real world, several problems have also arisen. In IndonesiaFrench who got into the military base during Pokemon GO's play was arrestedIn addition,Indonesian police officer prohibits Pokemon GO on dutyIt is being done. In Saudi Arabia it is a recommendation in IslamFatowa"Pokemon card" is prohibited, but it is argued that this featwear also applies to Pokemon GO.

In New York3,000 sex offenders on parole are banned from playing Pokemon GOVarious influences are appearing in countries all over the world such as.

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