The return rate of "GALAXY Tab" reaches approximately 16%, by the way the iPad is 2%

Although Android tablet "GALAXY Tab" released on November 26 last year as NTT docomo's winter model in Japan, it became clear that the return rate in the United States reached approximately 16%.

The smartphone "GALAXY S" series against the iPhoneWe will sell 10 million units for half a yearAlthough it is doing well, it seems that it is forced to struggle against the preceding iPad with respect to the tablet terminal.

Details are as below.
Samsung Galaxy Tab Return Rates Hit 16 Percent | John Paczkowski | Digital Daily | AllThingsD

According to this article, ITG Investment Research tracked the POS data of 6,000 mobile phone retailers in the United States, and the return rate of "GALAXY Tab" released in November last year was about 13 It seems that it hit%.

In addition, the return rate has increased further during the holiday season of the end of the year, while the return rate of iPad has remained at 2%, the return rate of "GALAXY Tab" until January 15 this year is about 16% It has been said that it has expanded to.

By the way, this situation is predicted by Hugo Barra, who is responsible for Google's mobile division last fall, and Android 2.2 (development code name "Froyo") adopted by "GALAXY Tab" is for smartphones We advised that it was made for tablet terminals and not designed for use on tablet terminals and does not fit in the first place.

In addition, the global sales volume of "GALAXY Tab"About 2 million units at presentIt is said that.

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