Pokemon GO's squash alone can transcend an individual value "individual value checker"

It is the individual value of Pokemon which consists of attack, defense and HP if it is person who thinks to pokemon Goku always. Individual values ​​are also different for the same kind of Pokemon, so if you intend to strengthen, I would like to preferentially select and train Pokemon with high individual value. It is easy to measure from screenshots uploading individual values ​​of Pokemon "Individual value checker"Has appeared.

Individual value checker | Pokemon GO picture book 151

After opening the URL of the individual value checker above, select the Pokemon you want to check. At first it is a fish tag, so click on the icon of Fushigidane to change it.

When Pokemon is displayed, click on the Pokemon you want to check and select it. This time I will try it with Pikachu.

Next, move the trainer level knob with Click & Hold to match your trainer level.

This time adjustment of level gauge. Click "Select image (s) (multiple)".

Select the screenshot of Pokemon shot with smartphone and click "Open".

I picked Pikachu of CP233 this time. Like a protractor above Pikachu is a level gauge representing CP of Pikachu. In order to calculate the individual value of attack / defense / HP, it is necessary to accurately measure this level gauge,Person who made protractor for level confirmationIt is up. However, by using the variable protractor of the individual value checker, it is possible to measure accurate CP value simply by superimposing screenshots.

Uploading a screenshot will appear as an overlay on the variable protractor. However, in this state, the state gauge of Pikachu uploaded deviates from the variable protractor.

If it is misaligned, click on the arrow in "Position of image" to move the image and adjust it so that the start point of the variable protractor and the level gauge overlap.

In addition, adjust the Pokemon level knob with click & hold so that the two level gauges fit together.

Adjust the "CP" and "HP" knobs to Pikachu's numerical values, and click "Judge" at the end.

Individual values ​​were calculated with this. If you investigate the individual value of multiple Pokemon captured and use the highest value for breeding, it seems to be somewhat frustrating.

In addition, you can use the individual value checker "Pokemon GO picture book 151Even Pokemon's CP and status etc. can be examined, it is quite convenient. All Pokemon are lined up at the top of the illustration. For example, when clicking "Eki" in "Choose Type" ... ...

It displays only Pokemon of the electric type.

If you click "CP ranking" ......

Pokemon's CP ranking can be confirmed.

To find out the work of Pokemon. Click on 'Wow list' at the top of the Pokemon picture book.

In the work list, you can check the type and power of work, the length of your knees from gauge increase.

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