How to do careful selection of individual values ​​of Pokemon GO without a protractor

Pokemon GO (Pokémon GO) Pokemon's "CP (fighting power) is calculated from the individual value of attack, defense, stamina, so if you want to strengthen Pokemon you want to choose a high value individual Pokemon.Web tool to determine the individual value of Pokemon on handAlso, although the level meter of Pokemon is difficult to read visually, Pokemon'sProtractor for level confirmationPeople who make up has appeared. On the other hand, the level checker for level confirmation has to be rewritten every time the level of the trainer goes up, and there is a problem that the calculated numerical value deviates greatly if a little protractor is misaligned. Therefore, you can calculate individual values ​​of a large amount of Pokemon in one stroke without using a protractorSpreadsheetOr you can use it in overlapping with screenshotsWeb protractorI tried a method to select Pokemon with high individual value without using a real protractor.

Pokemon Go Individual Value Calculator - Google Spreadsheet

"Pokemon Go Individual Value Calculator" is a spreadsheet that can calculate individual values ​​of Pokemon created by overseas volunteersPokémon Go IV Calculator"@ MikoriceIt was Japaneseized. To usePokemon Go Individual Value CalculatorVisit and sign in to your Google Account.

When the spreadsheet opens, click "Create Copy" from "File".

Click "OK"

Preparation is complete. At the top is the result of the calculation of Hitomi Dean and Evey as a sample.

In this time, we will select Colata from the 16 collatta which has high individual value.

Enter your trainer level in the upper left corner of the spreadsheet, attach a nickname such as "A, B, C" to the spreadsheet, and from the left "Pokemon name, CP · HP · Number of horses required for strengthening" When you enter, the calculation result is automatically output on the right side. The figure to watch is "% Perfect", which shows how close individual values ​​are to individuals with individual value Max, indicating that the higher the number, the better the individual. Among them, three individuals, "B", "E" and "A", seem to have high individual values.

The problem of Pokemon Go individual value calculator is that it can only calculate rough individual value, it is best to select multiple Pokemon at once and change unnecessary individuals to Ame, but to narrow down accurate individual values It is necessary to strengthen Pokemon and enter the change of status.

However, in order to strengthen Pokemon it is necessary to become a honorable person, and if you strengthen all of the multiple candidates, there is a possibility that there is not enough shortage to strengthen the selected Pokemon. So we will use a web protractor that can judge the level in superposition with the screenshot of Pokemon GO and measure more precise individual values ​​of three collatters that roughly calculated the individual value using the Pokemon Go individual value calculator


First of all, I want to measure Pokemon GO and measure individual values ​​I took a screenshot of an individual page of Pokemon.

Page of the web protractorOn the same smartphone and tap "Select file".

Tap "Photo library" and select the screenshot you shot earlier.

Enter your trainer level.

Then the web protractor was displayed with an overlay on the screen shot. If the level meter of the screenshot and the protractor are misaligned, tap "Adjust".

It is possible to slide and match the place.

Now that you know the exact level, you can now use "Pokemon GO Tools" to figure out individual values. You can see how to use Pokemon GO Tools by reading the following article.

"Pokemon GO Tools" & "Pokemon Rater" which can distinguish individual values ​​of attack, defense and stamina from "Pokemon GO's" CP (strength) "- GIGAZINE

So, the individual value of Colata B is as follows, it seems that attack, defense and stamina figures were average individuals.

Collata E was an individual with a numerical value higher than the average overall than Collater B.

Collata A turned out to be a protruding solid, although attack and defense were disappointing numbers.

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