Finally a free upgrade to Windows 10 tomorrow, ending July 29, can be sued again in court

"Windows 10 free upgrade campaign" which can be upgraded free from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 from the old OS will end on Friday, July 20, 2016. It was revealed that Microsoft has been filed a class action from Windows users in the end when the battle between Microsoft wanting to upgrade to Windows 10 and those not wanting to upgrade finally comes to an end.

Microsoft sued over Windows 10 update campaign | The Seattle Times

Microsoft wrote to an American woman, saying that he was upgraded to "Windows 10" but did not work properly and suffered damage, although he did not want it,Class actionAlthough it is unknown whether or not it assumed the danger of (class action), it solved the trouble by paying a settlement of 10,000 dollars (about 1 million yen) according to the settlement without special counterargument. The contents of this matter can be confirmed in the following article.

Microsoft will pay compensation of approximately 1 million yen due to automatic upgrade problem of Windows 10 - GIGAZINE

Whether or not I thought that class action should not be done is unknown, but after Microsoft resolves the above trouble,Improve Windows 10 upgrade notification instantlyI was taking quick fire work such as. But,The Seattle TimesAccording to the report, Microsoft said that at least two class actions have been raised.

One of them appealed to Florida District Court on July 24, 2016 by three men living in Florida, USA. According to the complaint, the men said that Microsoft 's Windows 10 upgrade campaign is a "fraudulent act to encourage updates despite unsolicited" banned by the Federal Trade Commission, and even violates state law. We also know that class actions are also taking place in the District Court of Haifa, Israel. For class actions in Florida state, Microsoft has issued a statement that "plaintiffs' claim is not legal and we believe we will win in lawsuits", and in a settlement solution It is a pattern to fight in court.

With Microsoft's exposure to class actions, the "Free Upgrade Campaign to Windows 10" campaign will finally end on Friday, July 20, 2016. PCs upgraded to Windows 10,It is possible to return to the original OS within 30 days after the upgradeIf you upgrade to Windows 10 at least once, you can clean install Windows 10 later.

About reinstalling Windows 10 after upgrade - Microsoft Community

Even when clean installation of Windows 10 can be authenticated with the product key of the OS of the upgrade source, if even Windows 10 boot media is made, it will remain in the old OS until the completion of Windows 10 compliance, and if the time comes It is also possible to cleanly install 10, so it is also effective to return to the original OS again after upgrading to Windows 10 for the time being.

For details on how to create the installation media for Windows 10, see the article "◆ How to install Windows 10 cleanly with USB memoryYou can understand by looking at.

How to use Microsoft official "media creation tool" that can be upgraded free from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 Summary - GIGAZINE

IncidentallyMicrosoft stated "We will not extend the free upgrade campaign of Windows 10", And after purchasing the campaign, you need to purchase Windows 10. Whether or not a cheap upgrade version will appear will be unknown at the time of article creation, but the price of the Windows 10 package version will be 10,988 yen (including tax) for Windows 10 Home and 20,764 yen (including tax) for Windows 10 Pro It is getting.

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