"Pokémon GO Nexus" instantaneously measures individual values ​​of all Pokemon's hands on Pokemon GO

In order to win in the game at Pokémon GO (Pokemon GO), it is necessary to evolve and strengthen Pokemon on hand to raise a high CP of Pokemon, but strengthening from the hands of Pokemon A tool that makes the most powerful Pokemon to recognize in a moment is "Pokémon GO Nexus"is.

[BETA] Pokémon GO Nexus - IV Extractor | Miner

Pokémon GO NexusOAuthAccess the data of Pokemon GO using the token issued by the method. There is no worry that the password will leak out as it passes through the token, but there is a note at the bottom of the page such as "I do not assume any responsibility even if something happens to the account due to the use of this service". Since there is a possibility that the account will be BANed as a violation of the service of the developer Niantic, please use it at your own risk when using it.

To use Pokémon GO Nexus, click "GET TOKEN".

As you are prompted to log in with your Google Account, enter the email address of the Google Account you are working with Pokemon GO and click "Next".

Enter the password and click "Login".

Pokémon GO will ask you permission to access your Google Account, so click "Permit".

When the code is issued as a token on a separate tab, select all and copy it.

Return to the page of Pokémon GO Nexus, enter Google's email address in the first column, the token text in the second row, enter the location where you are playing Pokemon GO and click "LOG IN".

Then the individual value of all Pokemon on hand was found instantly.

The display is as shown below, and "CP" at the highest level, "Illustration of Pokemon" "HP" "Pokemon name (English)" "Number of cakes that I have" from the top for each Pokemon "Weight / Height" "STA (Stamina) / ATK (Attack) / DEF (Defense)" "Remembering" "Match degree (%) of ideal individual value" is displayed.

The order of Pokemon is "POKÉMON (book guide)" "NAME (order of ABC)" "CP (order of high CP)" "MAX CP (order of highest CP after growth" ""% PERCENT "It is possible to sort by" CANDY (in descending order of the number of amenities you have) ". When you click "% PERCENT" ......

Pokemon who has the highest individual value among the hands of Pokemon got to know in a blink of an eye.

If you have multiple Pokemon of the same kind, Pokemon with the highest individual value among them is displayed, but clicking "COMPARE ALL ~" ... ...

All Pokemon of the same kind are displayed and you can check the individual value of each.

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