A new function appears that makes it easier to catch targeted Pokemon when the medals rank up with Pokemon GO

It is revealed that the new function of Pokemon GO will be "will be easier to catch the type of Pokemon aimed at by ranking up medals". Pokemon GO has become able to receive "medals" depending on the type of Pokemon and other conditions that have been caught so far. Until now I played only the "title" role that does not directly relate to the content of the game, but in the future I will be involved in the ease of catching Pokemon.

New function: Pokemon of the type aimed at the rank up of medals will be easier to catch! - Pokémon GO

With the new function, if medals (such as campfire, spirit, psychic kicker, etc.) prepared for each type of Pokemon caught up rank up, you will get a bonus effect that it will make it easier to catch that type of Pokemon.

For example, a medallion called "bad girl" obtained by getting "Tuku" type Pokemon. If you catch a certain number of types of Pokemon, it seems to be "Capture Ease + 1" as follows.

It seems that "medal bonus effect of becoming easier to catch Pokemon" is in three levels, so it seems that the bonus effect will be upgraded according to the medals' bronze · silver · gold so far.

"Capture Ease + 2"

"Ease of catching + 3"

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