Pokemon GO's new feature is "Aibo Pokemon", it is possible to walk around with your favorite Pokemon

The next feature to appear in Pokemon GO is "Partner Pokemon"It became clear in the official release.

Let's go out with "Aibo Pokemon"! - Pokémon GO

It became clear that the new function next appearing in Pokemon GO will become "Aibo Pokemon" function. This is a function that you can select your favorite Pokemon as "Aibo" from Pokemon that Pokemon Trainer got. Pokemon who became partner is displayed on the avatar side displayed on the trainer's profile screen and you can get the amateur as a bonus necessary to evolve or strengthen that Pokemon by walking with your partner Pokemon It is going to be. You can also change your buddy Pokemon at any time.

Set Pokemon as a buddy and walk a certain distance, you can get American as a bonus. In the case of a human lizard, it seems that it is possible to get American by 2 km, but how many amenities can be obtained, how many amenities can be obtained each time you walk 2 km, or whether the required walking distance changes or not is unknown. A human lizard is a Pokémon hatching from eggs of 2 km, but it is unknown whether there is a relationship to the walking distance necessary to obtain it and that.

If you set Pokemon as a buddy, the profile screen will be displayed like this. Where you are concerned about how it will appear when you set a large Pokemon such as Kabigon as a buddy.

Buddy Pokemon does not seem to be displayed on the field screen. Pokemon set for homie is added to the part where the trainer level at the lower left of the screen is displayed.

The "buddy Pokemon" function will be added to the next version of the application · Pokemon GO.

Before it became obvious that Pokemon GO is officially released with Pokemon Game, already partly said "The next new feature is a system that will allow you to walk with your Pokemon"ReportIt was done. It seems to be information that was clarified by analyzing information exchanged between Pokemon GO and Google's server. As a result of the analysis, "Being able to set buddy Pokemon" and "Being able to get American with bonus according to distance walked" are brilliant, but "Buddy Pokemon is a game field The part which is also displayed on the screen "is different from the screenshot published by Pokemon GO.

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