Pokemon which thousands of people played at the same time finally finished all the creatures, last battle of the masterpiece

Live distribution siteTwitch.tvIt was published in "Pocket monster red"Was remodeled so that any number of people can play at the same time"TwitchPlaysPokemon"Showed considerable excitement, and there were times when the number of simultaneous viewers was over 120,000 at one time. That TwitchPlaysPokemon took about 16 days and finally ended the ending.

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You can see how "TwitchPlaysPokemon" that thousands of people can play Pokemon Red at the same time, at the same time, by the following article.

Thousands of players can play at the same time "Pokemon" playing with thousands of players working together, playing death fight with Matisse - GIGAZINE

TwitchPlaysPokemon initially opened the audience in the chat box by entering commands such as "↓" "A" "Start", etc., the viewer operated the hero in the screen, but in the middle "Anarchy" "Democracy" Two game modes were added. "Anarchy" reflects all commands entered in chat, "Democracy" reflects the most frequently entered command among the commands entered in 30 seconds. The players can change the mode by entering "Anarchy" "Democracy", and the appearance of this "Democracy" seems to have dramatically improved the progress of the game.

The time taken to clear TwitchPlaysPokemon is 16 days, 45 minutes and 30 seconds in total, and the movie of the last battle with the rival which can be said shime is released to YouTube and can be confirmed from the following.

TPP Final Battle with Blue - YouTube

The hero who has defeated the Pokemon Shitennen King fights the rival Blue to clarify who is the strongest Pokemon Trainer. The hero who did not purchase any recovery items at all, he said he was unable to recover Pokemon's HP during the battle between the four heavenly kings who fought in five rows and Blue.

Battle with blue started. The protagonist carries a handicap that two Pokemon are already in a battle impossible state.

Blue will be Pijot, and the hero will send Thunder. When Thunder attacks with "Kamiwari", Pejot becomes a battle fight with a single blow.

Then Blue put Hoodin in.

Thunder destroyed Houdin again "barely". Thunder who instantaneously bleeds the blue Pokemon whether the level is too different.

The side which Blue put out next will attack with "Midarezuki", but there is little effect on Thunder.

Opportunity to attack Sideon will visit Thunder many times, but Thunder will repeat "bamboo" which has no effect on Sideon at all.

Here is the change of Pokemon.

While the cursor moves over this place, the hero throws Nidoking. That nidoking will destroy Sideon with a "Nemineki" blow.

Window which appeared next is also buried in Thunder very easily "Kamino".

I tried to use "SECRET KEY (secret key)" which players can not use during combat many times ... ...

Despite the last battle trying to escape from battle, the battle does not progress very easily.

Thunder was a big success that settled the long battle. Defeat Blue's Kamekkusu with "Electric Shock", the last battle is over.

It took about 16 days, but thousands of people cooperated and we were able to finish the ending at last.

The Pokemon that the hero possessed when clearing the game is as follows. This is Thunder of LV 81 which was a big success.

Nidoking was LV 54.

Omster of LV 52.

Morphone is LV 39

Laplace of LV 31

Pejot was growing up to LV 69.

The play time is 255 hours, the gold money 40398 yen, the Pokemon I found I got 130 kinds of Pokemon caught in 132 kinds.

Receiving the end of TwitchPlaysPokemon, Twitch.tv publishes statistics on distribution of the same channel. According to the contents of the announcement, the number of posted messages is about 122 million cases · simultaneous maximum number of viewers is about 121,000 people · total number of viewers is 36 million people. The user who was delivering TwitchPlaysPokemon is able to play thousands of people simultaneously as a new adventure "Pocket Monster Crystal Version"Is open to the public, and anyone with Twitch.tv account can join.

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