A movie that defeats the champion dande of `` Pocket Monster Sword Shield '' with a copking that should only happen by splashing

Pokémon Sword Shield, the title for Nintendo Switch released on November 15, 2019, is the latest work in the long-awaited Pokemon series that demonstrates the popularity of selling 6 million units in the first week of release. With such a sword shield, a movie that destroys the champion using ' cooking ', which is the weakest among Pokemon, has been released.

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The Galar region is the stage for Pokemon Sword Shield. In the game, ' Unbeatable Dande ' will appear as the strongest Pokémon trainer in the Galar region from the start, and in the Pokemon League, the final stage of the story, will battle with the hero at the end as the champion.

Pokemon battle with Dande in the Pokemon League, which will be the most exciting among such sword shields, is written in the explanation column of the Pokemon pictorial book as “Pokemon is the most irresponsible Pokémon. A movie that will be cleared with 'Koiking', the weakest Pokemon that both self and others recognize.

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Champion Dande is an undefeated champion who makes full use of his companion Charizard. In the Pokemon League, we use Kyodai Max Charizard.

To face such strong enemies, I caught up with Boro's fishing rod at the beginning of the story ...

It ’s a king.

The raking

values for Koi King are as follows. In terms of status, there is no point to be noted other than 'quickness'.

The only tricks to remember are 'Splash', 'Tai-hit', and 'Jitabata'.

So, using an item called “work record” that you can get in the game ...

Instructs Koiking to acquire not only high-power but also “hydro pump”, which is a type work.

Immediately showing off the hydro pump. I'm brave.

However, because the level was low and I worked out against the same water type of cooking, I couldn't even cut half the HP.

Therefore, I will try to improve my level ...

Finally reached level 100.

The status is like this. Although it is level 100, “Kageki” is only 50 because no

effort value is given. Tokusei is ' Suisui '.

Effort values are almost entirely shown in “HP” and “Tokuko” as follows. Because the hydro pump is special, I'm raising it.

I remember the following: From the top, the hydro pump, hits, jumps, and springs, and the patterns of jumping are memorized using a machine.

That's why Koiking challenges the final battle with Dande. The first opponent is '

Gilgarde '.

As soon as the monster ball glows red ...

Koi King will dimax.

Then, “Die Stream”, a Mizu-type Dymax work ...

Direct hit by Gilgard. Since Gilgard's type is “Hagane” and “Ghost”, the work of the water type is the same size.

Next came “

Drapart ”.

Because it is a “Dragon” and “Ghost” type Pokémon, there ’s nothing more to do with the Mizu type.

You will be counterattacked by a decoy type of skill that is a weak point of the coking ...

It may not be a fatal injury because it was steadily waving Daimax medium & effort value to HP.

However, since three turns have passed since Dimax, the king shines ...

Dimax can be solved.

Despite this, release the hydro pump without destroying the drapart.

Next, Dande brought out “

Baricool ”, the first appearance of Sword Shield as an evolutionary form of barryard . The types are “Koori” and “Esper”.

I succeeded in catching up to the last minute with one hydro pump, but ...

I'm not good at electric power type ...

HP is zero.

So, next time we will carry the battle in favor by giving the item to the coking. What I noticed was an item that had an effect of 1.5 times the “bougyo” and “tokubo” when given to a pre-evolution Pokemon called “

Shinka Kiseki ”.

Immediately challenge the Dande rematch with a squeaky squeaker.

Going smoothly ...

Destroy Barikool that was not defeated.

The fourth Pokemon is the “Dragon” type Pokemon “

Ononox ”.

I'm going to be bumpy with Gekirin ...

Barely 57 HP remained. Since the hydro pump was not able to cut half the HP, it uses “jumping” that allows the opponent's attack to be missed one turn.

Coy King jumping high up in the sky.

Fall down ...

Hit Ononox.

Now that the Ononox is paralyzed, there will be a chance for Koi King.

However, Gekirin is determined unfortunately ...

Koiking is a crack.

It ’s a friendly shop that I ’m going to defeat Dandan no matter what.

Purchase '

Special Up '. It seems that this is a strategy aimed at improving the power of the hydropump by raising the level by two stages.

In addition, the item to be given to the coking is changed from “Shinka Kiseki” to “

Focusing Glasses ”. You can only use your special glasses for the same purpose, but the item is that it is 1.5 times higher.

So, I will challenge Dandan again.

Raise it with a special up ...


Destroy the struggling Ononox.

5 body first is the evolution of Messon '

Intel Leon '.

The first time you choose Hibani as your partner Pokémon, it adds Inteleon to your Dande's Pokémon.

Intelon is the same type of Pokémon as Koiking, but regardless of the hydro pump ...

I destroyed it with a single blow.

Finally, the last strong enemy Charizard appeared. Charizard's type is “Hono” and “Hiko”, so the Mizu type is a weak point, so the long battle of Koi King has finally come to an end.

However, Dande's monster ball becomes huge ...

Charizard is Kyodai Max.

Koiking that delivers hydro pumps to Kyodai Max Charizard.

However, the attack will be missed.

Kyodai Max Charizard performed the “ Daiso-Ugen ”, a special type of work.

Naturally, HP is zero.

If you don't even get out of the hydro pump, you will be able to defeat Kyodai Max Charizard with Koiking.

However, it is still unfortunate that the hydropump will come off.

Overcoming such bad luck, finally succeeded in hitting a hydro pump against Kyodai Max Charizard.

I was able to defeat Kyodai Max Charizard with just one shot.

That's why I succeeded in defeating Champion Dande with Koiking.

The movie ends when the Koi King enters the Hall of Fame.

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