What is the horrifying ending of the cursed game "Pocket Monster Black"?


"Pocket Monsters Series"In 1996 Gameboy software"Pokemon Red and Green"Since its launch, not only in Japan, it is a big hit all over the world and is supported by many fans. Urban legend that does not know whether it is true or not to turn about the work which gained popularity so far. There are many urban legends whispered among fans in the Pocket Monster series, among them especially those famous overseas are "Pocket Monsters Black"is.

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According to Eric Caoili of Tiny Cartridge sending out various interesting information about the game, Pokemon Black which is an urban legend is a bulletin board4chanThe user purchased at the flea market and the cartridge was black. The user who purchased Pocket Monster Black lost the cartridge when I moved and apologized for not being able to upload the image while talking about the details of the game.

Pokemon Black starts with a story from Masala Town at all with Red and Green of the original Pocket Monsters. When you go to the laboratory by Dr. Okido, adventure begins usually by picking one from Pokemon "Fushigidane", "Hito Hand", "Zenigame", but in Pocket Monster Black it was not normal 4 It seems that you can choose the first Pokemon "Ghost".

The ghost level at the time of acquisition is 1, it is the same exact appearance as "gyui" appearing in Sion Town. Only one work called "curse" can use ghost. Because "curse" was a work not existed in the first Pokemon, the user who purchased it at the flea market speculated that Pokemon Black was hacked.

When you get into a battle with an enemy with a ghost in hand, the enemy's Pokemon is displayed as "I am too scared to attack," it seems that I can not do anything. When the user activates ghost "cursing", the screen darkens, the Pokemon cry is played at a lower pitch than usual, and then the battle screen is displayed, the enemy's Pokemon has disappeared.

If you use "curse" in the battle with Jim Leader, as the screen gets darkened and bright as before, there is no Pokemon ball owned by the Jim Leader and after the battle the graveyard is 1 in the place where the Jim Leader was located A terrible production that one was built occurred.

For users who advanced the game with only "curse", new developments were waiting at the place where the ending took place by defeating the four heavenly kings.

After introduction of the Pokemon with the Hall of Fame as usual, "After that time ... ..." is displayed and the scene where one old man is staring at the grave on the Pokemon Tower will be displayed. The old man has a moving speed less than half than usual, and the possession of Pokemon is zero. There is an old man "The person and the Pokemon are all gone, the only remaining tombst only remains in the world" world.

ByTim Redpath

When the adventure starts returning to the hero's house, the screen turns dark, the Pokemon who has defeated in "curse" appears and disappears, and the gym leaders who have been killed afterwards with "curse" are displayed and the directive goes off Occurred. BGM has been flowing in Sion Town, but it is looping steadily at half the normal speed.

After that, it became a fight with the ghost, and I realize that the old man who is manipulating is the hero. With an old man can not do anything, only the command "Fogaku" is used, and when the HP approaches zero, ghost uses "curse". After being cursed, the screen got dark again and it did not respond to any button press, and it seems that saved data was erased when turning the power off and on again.

Although I can confirm a lot of information on the Internet that I've played Pocket Monster Black, I can not judge any falsehood at all and it is regarded as an urban legend. In other countries, "Siontown's syndrome"Pokemon's urban legend is rumored on the Internet.

Sion Town syndrome is that children's fatal accidents increased in Japan after the release of "Pokemon Red / Green", and when examining the Pokemon that the dead children played, all were stopped in Sion Town. It seems that it is not well known in Japan, but it seems that it is miserable as a mystery among American Pokemon fans.

"Pocket Monster Black" has become a little terrible story, but if it exists, you can stir up your motivation to play as well as gamers. In addition, "Pocket Monster Black" appearing in the article was released on September 28, 2010 "Pocket Monsters Black / WhiteIt has nothing to do with it.

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