10000 days elapsed after "World Wide Web" was born


"WWW" which is attached to the URL of many sites stands for "World Wide Web". It was created as a system for smoothly publishing and viewing information by arranging "links" to other documents and "images", "movies", etc. in documents. That initial proposalTim Berners-LeeIt was "March 12, 1989" that was done. July 28, 2016 counts as "web ten thousand days" as it counts.

According to Tim Bernards-Lee himself, the name of the World Wide Web was originally thought to be "The Information Mine" which means "mine of information", but its abbreviation is its own name Canceling because it will become "TIM". It is named "World Wide Web" as an information network as a spider web spreading to the world.

Originally written "Internet 10000 days", the birth of ARPANET, which is said to be the origin of the current Internet, was established in 1969, the standardization of the communication protocol "TCP / IP" was made in 1982, and the end of the 1989 aim of commercial use ISP (Internet Service Provider) is born. Based on the birth of ARPANET, about 17,000 days have elapsed, and considering the Web as a base, there is "prehistory" that is close to 7000 days further.

Certainly, July 28, 2016 is 10,000 days.

Firefox celebrated the 10 th day with Twitter account.

We celebrate 10,000 days even at Mozilla Japan account.

In 1989 when "World Wide Web" was born, singerTaylor SwiftAlso born. Since Taylor Swift was born on December 13, "Web history 276th day".

Web history 1208th day, a dial up sound called "pea gaga ..." was born.

Web history 2263th day, JavaScript is born.

Web history 2734th day, the official website of Michael Jordan starring "Space Jam" in which animation and live action fused was born. The reason why the information of the official website of the movie enters here is because the site is still alive.

Web history 3947th day, "Y2K (Year 2000 Problem) "Happened.

Web history 5968 days,Start barter from the red clip and eventually get a "house"An attempt called "One Red Paperclip" began.

Web history 9482 days, people are in the pictureWhether the color of the dress is blue or blackI decided to make it big.

Web history 9999th day, Firefox 's Vice President In explaining the new function of Firefox for iOS, the site which helps play "Pokémon GO" of the big hit "Pokémon Go DB"Was used. When I look back on the web history later, "It seems that Pokémon GO seems to be prevalent around 10 thousand days," it seems easy to understand.

By the way, the Pokemon Red / Green called "the first generation" was released on February 27, 1996, and it was on the 3639 th day of the web history.

How much of this 10,000 days are included in the Internet archive ......

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