GPS hacking movie that lets you play without leaving Pokemon GO and sitting on chair

A game for smartphones, which is causing worldwide huge whirlwind "Pokemon GO (Pokémon GO)"Is a game that uses GPS to measure user's position information, walks around the real world, catches Pokemon and battle and plays. Although Pokemon GO, "Acting as if walking around the real world" is placed at the center of the game, hacking the GPS of the smartphone and walking around only the players in the game without playing outside will play Pokemon GO , The fiercest man appeared.


The Pokemon GO of the smart phone dedicated game, based on the user's position information, makes Pokemon appear in the game or make the item appear.

So, some people say that "Frequently going out by starting to play Pokemon GO" such as "Do you want to go out for a while?"

However, unfortunately it rained outside ... ...

With this, I can not enjoy Pokemon GO as much as I want.

So the players in the movie will start thinking about ways to enjoy Pokemon GO in any weather, whether it rains or thunderstorms.

I prepared for enjoyment without going out of Pokemon GO by preparing a signal generator for sending fake GPS signalsRohda & Schwarz SMBV 100A Vector Signal GeneratorWhen……

For shutting down radio wavesR & S CMW-Z10 RF Shield Box. There is also a GPS antenna.

Other, made by u-bloxEVK-M 8Evaluation kit

RF distributor

USB cable

RF cable. More than 7 points will be used.

It is like this when setting up these. The R & S CMW - Z 10 RF Shield Box is for shielding radio waves, and disconnects the GPS signal once by placing a smartphone in it. And it seems to impersonate it as if it were receiving GPS signals at a place that is not the actual position of the smartphone using a signal generator.

Next, in software setup, we mainly use three software. On the left side of the screen is Google Earth, which will tell you where the player in the game is walking in the real world. And the joystick controller at the upper right of the screen is for using the joystick to operate the player in the smartphone. VNC Signal Generator Remote Control in the lower right is for camouflaging GPS signals.

When you defeat the joystick on the movie, the player in the smartphone starts teaching on the map. Of course, smartphones are still placed in the R & S CMW - Z10 RF Shield Box and have successfully moved smart phones without moving around and moving players in the game.

Collect items with pocket stops in the city ......

You can also get wild Pokemon.

The custom software created is set so that the GPS signal moves at a speed slowly walking from the characteristics of Pokemon GO.

In the movie, collecting items with PoketStop and getting Pokemon eventually resulted in trainer level rising.

For this GPS hacking Overseas news mediaThe VergePoint out the high degree of difficulty, "It is necessary to prepare the programming skills and equipment that the general public such as signal generators and RF shield boxes would not have". Also, as a more important part, game cheat violates the developer's terms of use by Niantic,BANThere is a fear that it is done.

In addition, jdsika who released the movie has released a design drawing of the device for camouflaging the GPS signal.

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