"PS3 WVI" making PS3 possible to play with wireless monitor & controller anywhere in the house

People can remotely control PS 3 with PSP and watch movies in PS 3 or play PS software purchased with "PSstore", but those who feel that they are unsatisfactory because they can not play PS 3 exclusive software I think there is. However, it seems that there is an interface that PS3 can play with the sense of mobile game machine to solve such dissatisfaction.

Although it is not sold for the moment, it seems that it is considered to exhibit in the Internet auction such as eBay, depending on the set price, bidding may rush from immediately after exhibition.

Details are from the following.
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"PS3 WVI (Wireles Visual Interface)" which PS3 can play with this sense as a portable game machine. Display size is equivalent to 5 inches.

On the back side there is a PS3 logo and "R1 / R2 / L1 / L2 / RESET" button.

There are AV input terminal · earphone terminal · mini USB connector etc. on the bottom.

It actually looks like this when turning on the power.

You can see a movie actually playing "Modern Warfare 2" from below. It was difficult to understand the size in the photograph, but it is surprisingly large to understand.
YouTube - PS3 Playstation 3 WVI

In this movie we verify that you can play even if you go to another room.
YouTube - PS3 WVI - Work in progress ................. !!!!!

By the way, you can not play PS3 with "PS3 WVI" alone. Although detailed specification is not written, it seems that it was probably made by combining the foundation of the controller of the PS 3 · display · AV receiver, the video signal received at the AV receiver is displayed on the display, and directly at the controller section It seems to be operating PS3.

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