It is made of LEGO and has a total length of 1.5 m and can be actually used NES controller

A huge Famicom Controller with a total length of 1.5 m was made using thousands of Lego blocks. Not only are colors and shapes made faithfully authentically, it is possible to actually play games, and the state of play is also uploaded to YouTube.

Baron von Brunk's Tumblr LEGO Page of Justice !, Giant Fully-Operational LEGO NES Controller!

It is possible to see how you actually play Super Mario Bros. 3 using the controller from the following movie.

Baron von Brunk's Giant Functional LEGO NES Controller! - YouTube

This is the controller I made with LEGO.

The size is roughly 5 feet (about 150 cm),Coffee tableIt is about the size.

Although it is not accurately counted, he said he used thousands of Lego blocks. This project started Julius von Brunk in September 2012, temporary production was interrupted due to work, but the controller was completed in December. Julius seems to have started making it overnight.

When I remove the top board it is like this.

Lego block as much as possible without cutting the inside.

Circuit boards are actually used by the controller of NES controller, you can connect to the PC using the USB converter, playing games is possible.

Cable from the end of the controller.

ButtonLEGO TECHNICIt uses parts and the button that pushed bounces like a spring.

A computer is installed in front of the huge controller with such a feeling. It seems that it is hard to press the A and B buttons at the same time because of its size.

According to Julius, a huge controller existed before but he was the first time he made using Lego. Julius also has various other LEGO worksI am making it..

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