Welch as carbonated drink, "Welch's White Grape Sparkling" tasting review

Carbonated drinks were on sale from Welch who was drinking various fruits such as grape juice with 100% fruit juice using Concord grape and pink grapefruit juice, so I bought it and drank it. Speaking of Welch, the impression that juice squeezed the taste inherent in fruits, but what kind of evolution has been achieved by becoming sparkling?

Details are as below.
Calpis: Product Information | "Welch's" White Grape Sparkling

"Welch's" White grape sparkling, tax 140 yen.

Fruit juice is 30%.

18 kcal per 100 ml.

Welch is the brand of Calpis.

I poured it into a glass.

It is slightly colored. Also, carbonation is weak.

Although it looks like white grape, the appearance is not very grape, but appealing like scent of grape. I feel that the taste is definitely different from 0% fruit juice, but after all there is an image of a rich fruit flavor as Welch, so it might be pleasant if it is plentiful more fruit juice.

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