Even with a high-class drone of 4 million yen level deployed to the police it is obvious that you can hijack from remote areas

ByRichard Unten

"Drone" is an attractive point that anyone can easily fly, in the pastAn incident occurred in which Dolone pursued and arrested a burglar who escapedAs we have done, some police are deployed at the field level as well. But security researchers reveal that they can hack and take over drones that have been deployed by such police for as much as $ 35,000 (about 4 million yen).

Hacker Says He Can Hi Hiack a $ 35 K Police Drone a Mile Away | WIRED

A security-related conference held from 29th February to 4th March 2016RSA Conference"Security researcher Niels Roddie to fully take over wireless drones of 30,000 to 35,000 dollars (about 3.4 million to 4 million yen) with a notebook PC connected with a cheap radio chip via USB It was shown that it is possible.

ByAndrew Turner

According to Mr. Roddie announcing the drone hijacking method, Drone performs wireless communication between the main unit and the controller for operation, but this communication is not encrypted or weak enough to break through without limit as much as possible Since it has been made only, it can be easily taken over. Also, "cheap radio chips" to be inserted in laptops seems to be known as "telemetry box", so please use Drone's flight softwarereverse engineeringHackers who can do it explain that you can hijack drones with fake flight commands while blocking regular flight commands using the telemetry box. According to Mr. Roddie, what is possible with the drone hijacked is "everything real pilot can do".

Mr. Roddie is currently an official of IBM, but he studied about Drone's hijack when he was studying at Twente University in the Netherlands. In addition, we do not disclose which drones are "hijackable drone", and it is not revealed which maker's drones were used for the investigation. This is probably because the manufacturer who provided Drone Roddey had a confidentiality agreement with him. However, the drone used by Mr. Roddie is 3 ft. In total length (about 90 cm) and flight time is 40 minutes, it is deployed in police and fire department, it is for industrial use used for checking transmission lines and windmills It is revealed.

Mr. Roddie with a drone in hand

It is a specific model of a specific manufacturer that Mr. Roddie tested whether it is hijackable, but he says that many of the high-end drones are likely to be vulnerable. Also, Mr. Roddy did not show that Drone was hijackable for the first time, but in 2013, hacker Samy Kamkar was a cheaper general drone "Parrot AR"Hijacking possibleIt is shown that it is.

SkyJack - autonomous drone hacking w / Raspberry Pi, aircrack & amp; Javascript - YouTube

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