Mobile settlement application "Hands Free" that can complete payment without taking out smartphone from bag

Just tap on the smartphone that Google started and settlement is completed "Android Pay"Has won 1.5 million new users every month in the United States alone, and available stores exceed 2 million. Google is pursuing easy mobile payment using smartphones, but also a mobile settlement application that can complete payment without taking out smartphone from bagHands Free"Has been released.

Google Commerce: Testing, Testing - One, Two, Hands Free

The application of Hands Free is described in the following movie.

Hands Free - Simplify your day. Pay hands free. - YouTube

In drive - through etc, we have to receive a paper bag containing hamburgers and search for a wallet or smartphone from a bag and have to pay.

Even when you are shopping with a child, it is difficult to take out a wallet when you hold hands with your child.

So we started testing "Hands Free" application which settled without taking out wallet or smartphone.

To use it, put the smartphone that installed Hands Free in the bag ... ....

Just tell the cashier's staff "I'll pay with Google".

When the clerk selects Google as the payment method, the cashier wirelessly recognizes the smartphone and the settlement account is displayed. At this time, the profile picture of the user is displayed on the cashier terminal so that the person in front of you can check whether the same person is.

The settlement amount is displayed ......

Tap "Done (finished)" at the cashier to complete settlement.

Details of the settlement will arrive at the application, so it is OK if you check with the smartphone later. Even if both hands are occupied, it is possible to make payment smartly without looking for luggage.

In addition, exchange of settlement is managed by Google security. In addition to monitoring suspicious use of accounts, registered credit card information is securely protected so that notifications can be sent to smartphones if there is something.

Such Hands Free application has already been released for iOS and Android, and installation is possible from the following. However, in order to be able to use it, in San Francisco, USASouth BaySome areas such as McDonald's and Papa, Johns pizza are limited to test stores.

Hands Free - pay hands free with Google on the App Store

Hands Free - Android application on Google Play

Google Play also has screenshots explaining how to use the app. Settlement is completed just by saying "I will pay with Google" at the cash register. Communication between cashier and smartphone is done with Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi.

The screen of the application looks something like this. Along with the name and picture of the shop, "I am ready to pay, please tell the cashier's store clerk" I will pay with Google ", and if the application is in this state it is payable Appearance.

It is also possible to search Hands Free settlement subscribing stores from applications.

The details to reach the application after settlement are as follows.

Only when you first settled with Hands Free, it means that $ 5 (about 560 yen) will be discounted from settlement.

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