NSA monitors 100,000 PCs wirelessly and suspects suspicion that malware is being sent

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It was leaked that I was collecting personal information in secretThe National Security Agency (NSA)However, the New York Times point out that software that changes and extracts data wirelessly from USB memory is used, and software that transmits malware is used for about 100,000 PCs all over the world.

N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers - NYTimes.com

According to testimonials gathered from NSA documents, computer experts and government officials in the United States, NSA succeeded in embedding software capable of monitoring PCs online or offline in about 100,000 PCs all over the world It is said that there is. This plan is "QuantumIt is called at least from 2008 and sends data to the NSA wirelessly from a tiny transceiver embedded in a USB memory or PC circuit board. Although it is necessary to physically connect PC and USB etc, this embedding work is sometimes done by NSA spies, manufacturers, and even users themselves before they notice.

Below is a diagram showing the method of monitoring, "1: PC circuit board or small transceiver built-in USB plug connected to the PC", "2: Data in the target PC within the target 13 km area "3: relay from the baggage type communication device to the operation center of the NSA", "4: It is possible to transmit malware at the level capable of attacking Iran's nuclear facility to the target PC" It is a formidable mechanism.

Although it is said that these software were mainly used to obtain secrets from the Chinese army, according to the NSA document, it has been successfully embedded in the Russian military networks and systems, and furthermore in Mexico It is also used in police · drug cartels · EU trade agency · Saudi Arabia · India · Pakistan etc. For the moment there is no statement that it was used for ordinary household products or testimony of stakeholders.

ByThe U.S. Army

With "Quantum", the transmitter embedded in the board or USB memory can automatically obtain power by connecting to the PC and can be used without connecting to the net, so it can only be used under offline environment It is possible that the data has been tampered with, or unexpectedly not being used on the unused PC, or the possibility that it has been pulled out also comes out. President Obama of the United States plans to announce a proposed change on the monitoring system of NSA on Friday, January 17, 2014 local time.

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