Inexplicable GPS mystery occurred in Moscow city, somehow GPS pointed to point to an airport 30 km away

In Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation, a really mysterious phenomenon has been confirmed. In the vicinity of Moscow Red Square where government buildings gather, known as "Kremlin", the GPS function of the smartphone etc. does not work well and it is in a state showing the location of the airport which is located in a place several tens of kilometers away It seems.

Moscow GPS Mystery: Drivers Near the Kremlin Are Always at the Airport

The Kremlin Eats GPS for Breakfast

In the vicinity of Kremlin, it is confirmed that GPS position indication greatly goes out from around 2016, and the voices of complaints are raised from Moscow citizens. This phenomenon seems to be most conspicuous in the vicinity of Kremlin where "Red Square" is located, and it is more than 30 km away from KremlinVnukovo International AirportIt seems that it happens that the current position jumps suddenly.

This phenomenon also affects the lives of citizens. In addition to the citizens of Moscow, tourists visiting the site lose sight of their place or a large error in the display of GPS terminals installed in taxis and Uber, etc. In particular, situations where Uber and others can not calculate fees well It seems that it is also occurring. Furthermore, there is a big obstacle also in the play of the smartphone application "Pokemon GO" which service started in Moscow. The English version of the local newspaper "The Moscow Times" is an article on October 21, 2016 that "The Kremlin Eats GPS for Breakfast (Kremlin ate the GPS for breakfast)"I am reporting it..

About this situation, Todd Humphrey, GPS expert at the University of Texas at Austin Radionavigation Laboratory (Radio Induction Laboratory) told CNN that there is a situation where so-called "spoofing" is being done for CNN interview I will. If the terminal merely loses the GPS signal, the display such as "You can not get the current location" is confirmed, but it is not the original radio wave that shows the site where the terminal is completely different like the event in Moscow It is a situation that we must think that fake radio waves are being emitted by someone.

Gregory Bakunov, a popular local blogger, conducts its own research on this situation. Mr. Bakunov is GPS and Russian version GPSGLONASSI jumped to my Segway with a terminal that can receive it, ran around Moscow and investigated the actual condition of the influence. By the way, it seems that it was a very painful task to run around Segway in minus 2 degree Moscow city.

The figure below shows the results on the map. The red and blue areas indicate areas where the GPS signal and the GLONASS signal are affected, and it was confirmed that the range of the red and blue areas was expanded mainly in the Kremlin indicated by "☆" It seems to be. In addition to the palace, there are Cheong Wa Dae, Presidential Palace, and other government facilities in this area.

Mr. Humphrey as mentioned above speculates that the cause of this situation is to prevent drone from flying around the government building. Many commercially available drones have "geofence function" that can not approach facilities such as airports based on GPS position information. In order to divert this function, by making the device "disturb" by issuing the lie GPS / GLONASS signal mainly in the Kremlin and making it an illusion that it is located near the Vnukovo Airport, It is thought that it might hinder Drone's flight.

Although it is likely that the impression of "Otsu Russia" appears to be out of sight, it is said that no reaction has been shown from the Russian government relations concerning a series of defects.

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