Is it a sign of change in Apple's car development? The possibility of shift from automobile body to software is reported

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Apple no longer has its own automobile development that became known to people as an "open secret"The announcement will be postponed in 2021, one year behind the original scheduleAlthough it was also reported, there are further signs of change coming here. According to Bloomberg, it is clear that Apple has begun to devote resources to the development of automotive software in parallel with the development of the car itself.

Apple Hires BlackBerry Talent With Car Project Turning to Self-Driving Software - Bloomberg

Apple is reportedly shifting its focus from the electric car to self-driving software | The Verge

According to Bloomberg's report, Apple has pulled Dan Dodge, who once led the BlackBerry automotive software division. Mr. Dodge was a person who launched a Canadian-born startup "QNX" company, after being acquired by BlackBerry in 2010, he was responsible for developing BlackBerry terminal software and various software for automobile manufacturers about.

I chose Mr. Dodge, once responsible for Apple's hardware engineering and in July 2016 led Apple's automotive development project "Titan"Mr. Bob Mansfield. As people overseeing projects first pulled out software experts, the view that Apple is shifting to software development is spreading. Mr. Dodge's QNX also supported the view that in-car entertainment and car navigation related software was provided to automakers such as Ford, Volkswagen and Daimler (Benz).

MacBook Air and creator of iMac participate in Apple's car development project - GIGAZINE

If Apple focuses on software development, it is expected that the manufacture of car bodies will partner with existing car makers. Apple is negotiating about software with manufacturers such as BMW and Daimler, and in fact it is said that this tie-up trending up on the reef. Therefore, it is said that Mr. Mansfield is dragging Mr. Dodge who set up a white arrow.

Nonetheless, Apple does not seem to give up on automobile development by the company, but rather reality is seen as progressing parallel development of both car body and software. In fact, as Apple pulled out a number of people involved in the manufacture of aluminum bodies at Ford, he seems to be pointing out human and money resources to develop the car body. Also, Apple's CEO Tim Cook said at the performance announcement meeting "We are currently investing a lot in products and services in the research and development stages, many products that exceed the current product are developed It is said. "

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