'Apple is developing self-driving car technology,' CEO Tim Cook officially admits

Apple's Tim Cook, who was believed to be developing automated car technology to follow Silicon Valley companies such as Waymo (= Google) and Uber, made his first statement in an interview to acknowledge that fact .

Tim Cook Says Apple Focused on Autonomous Systems in Cars Push-Bloomberg

In a Bloomberg interview on June 5 during the WWDC 2017 session, which was held in June 2017, Cook stated that 'We are focusing on autonomous driving systems,' I accepted the content of the rumor that was not. Among them, Cook said, 'This is the core technology that we consider to be very important,' and auto-driving car system development is 'like the mother of all AI', 'probably It is the most difficult of all the AI projects we are working on. '

Apple's automatic driving technology development program reportedly launched in 2014 is also called 'Project Titan', and in April 2017, California will conduct public test driving of self-developed automatic driving cars on public roads. It has been approved by the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). Soon after that, the Lexus hybrid SUV 'RX450h' equipped with various sensors is also being shot in rapid motion in California.

Apple-developed self-driving car Lexus RX 450h gets blazed out on public roads-GIGAZINE

Initially, it was reported that the development of an autonomous car itself was Project Titan, but it was speculated that the contents of the project had changed in mid-2016 if the purpose was development of a software field called an autonomous driving system .

Are there signs of change in Apple's car development? The possibility of shifting from automobile body to software is reported-GIGAZINE

In addition, it was informed that significant personnel reduction was carried out within the project in September 2016. Cook also said in an interview that he acknowledged that some confusion had occurred.

Apple's car development plan 'Titan' has started workforce reduction, and a revision of the plan is pointed out-GIGAZINE

In an interview, Cook says, 'We will not tell the outlook from the product point of view, but we certainly do consider auto-driving technology as one of our core technologies.' Apparently Apple's car is not likely to appear in the future. Instead, if an auto-driving car equipped with a system developed by Apple starts running around the world, then it may be the second 'Apple vs. Google battle' following the smartphone.

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