Remarks that Apple's CEO Tim Cook is concentrating on the development of "autonomous system"

ByValery Marchive

It is no longer an open fact that Apple has been pursuing the development of automatic driving car technology to follow after "Uber" and Google's "Waymo", but Tim Cook told us about the destination that Apple is aiming for He says that there is ahead of the driving car itself.

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Apple is believed to have kept secret development of automatic driving car technology from around 2014, and in June 2017Mr. Cook officially acknowledges the development of automatic driving cardoing. Also, in April of the same year, a car full of sensors for automatic driving that came out of Apple's building was witnessed.

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At the income and expenditure presentation meeting held on August 1, 2017 in the US time, Ms. Cook told that Apple has a strong interest in automatic driving car technology, and the use of that technology is not limited to automobiles It will reveal that it will cover a number of industrial fields.

In the presentation, Mr. Cook said, "As far as the autonomous system is concerned, Apple is very focused on this technology from the perspective of core technology There are several ongoing projects, many in this field as Apple policy We are investing in the company, "he says, and reveals that it is pointing resources to the field of autonomous systems as a company.

Prior to this recital, Ms. Cook said that in an interview with Bloomberg "autonomous system", "mother of all AI projects". Furthermore, "Autonomous systems can be used in multiple fields, cars are one of them, there are many other uses in other areas, but we are not going to speak any more here," he said during development Technology can be used for other fields beyond automatic driving cars.

As a way to utilize it, it seems possible to think about control technology of warehouse robot, delivery drone, and "iPhone repair robot". It is unclear whether these technologies can be experienced at the consumer level, but it seems that there is no doubt that one of the mainstream in the cutting edge IT industry is the development of autonomous systems using AI.

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