A new naked eye 3D technology "Cinema 3D" that makes movies look stereoscopic from any seat without dedicated eyeglasses


When watching a 3D movie, I wear glasses according to each system, but MIT's Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) does not wear special glasses from any theaters in the cinema but 3D You can watch a movie "Cinema 3D"We developed a technology called"

New movie screen allow for glasses-free 3-D at a larger scale | MIT News

Cinema 3D: Large Scale Automultiscopic Display - paperMain.pdf
(PDF file)http://www.wisdom.weizmann.ac.il/~netefrat/cinema3D/files/paperMain.pdf

Watching with dedicated glasses 3D movies project two slightly different images on the same screen. The single image is filtered when passing through the lens of the eyeglasses, it is seen as a different image on the left and right, and it is recognized as "three-dimensional image".

The disadvantage of this technique is that special glasses are needed first. Then, instead of "motion parallax" that grasps the perspective from the difference in the speed of movement of the observation target, it is not "motion parallax" but "Binocular disparityIt is the point that you perceive the depth only by.

So, first of all, it was the Auto Multiscope Display (Automutiscope display) that was developed as a technology that enables stereoscopic viewing without special glasses. This technique has a parallax barrier (parallax barrier), and by displaying images of multiple angles from the same screen, it is a mechanism that makes the image appear stereoscopically even with the naked eye.

However, there are two problems that can not be solved even with auto multiscope display. One is that the audience needs to be at the optimum distance from the screen and the other to provide the appropriate stereoscopic images for all audiences, in order to cover the entire wide seat of the cinema, space It will be necessary to balance the angular resolution.

Cinema 3D solves the problem of this auto multiscope display. Looking at the movie below, you can see what it is.

Cinema 3D: A movie screen for glasses-free 3D - YouTube

The bottom two images are from the same angle of the same frame in the movie from another angle. Although it is "the same frame", the point that is slightly misaligned is the point.

"Cinema 3D" is a 3D display system for movie theaters that you can enjoy without special glasses.

Auto multiscope display is a technology to realize naked eye 3D, but in order to make all crowds in the cinema enjoy naked eye 3D, the resolution of the picture surely drops.

However, "Cinema 3D" sends images of multiple angles to a very narrow range of one seat, as if it were a special mechanism and everyone seemed to be watching images for themselves at each seat You can enjoy naked eye 3D.

The "special mechanism" used by Cinema 3D is a mirror tilted with respect to the screen and a lens for adjusting the angle.

The prototype looks something like this.

Through this mechanism, you can enjoy the same 3D movie in the same way, even in "1st row 7th" or "5th column 4th".

As naked eye 3D technology that can see stereoscopic images without special glasses, for example, NHK"Stereoscopic TV" using integral stereoscopic technologyHowever, it is very difficult to realize a large-scale naked eye 3D, and this time Cinema 3D seems to be the first technical approach that can realize "3D without glasses" on a large scale.

However, we are not yet on a commercial basis at this time, so future developments are awaited.

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