People are rehearsing the reality by dreaming

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When we see strange dreams, there are a lot of people who think that "What on earth did the dreams imply?" Some scientists explain "There is absolutely no meaning" about the content of dreams that people see, according to a scholar, people are practicing the real world through their dreams.

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According to Allan Hobson, a psychiatrist at Harvard University, signals emitted from the brainstem are scattered in the frontal lobe, and the role of the dream is to unite the pieces of those signals. Therefore, even if a strange thing appears in a dream, it is not a metaphor or suggestion of something, it is not particularly meaningful.

However, while there are scientists claiming that there is no meaning to dreams, Professor Atti Revonsuo, a cognitive neuroscientist at Skövde University in Sweden, said, "A dream is a reaction to a primitive event such as" flee "or" fight " It is exercise for you. "

Such as "When the golfer imagines putting the ball in the hole before playing, the success rate increases by 30% compared with when you did not imagine", so far, in spiritual training in more than 30 sports It is proved useful for practical physical training. According to Professor Revonsuo, "a dream of escaping something" is a "positive imagination" to succeed in escape even if it involves fear, and as in the case of the sports described above, real drills It seems to be.

People tend to experience negative feelings such as anger, fear, and anxiety in dreams, compared to happy dreams. At this time, the dream is susceptible to bias of primitive emotions, so it is easier for content such as "being chased by monsters" to be born than the contemporary fear of "credit card was stolen". Because the content of the dream is influenced by factors that have brought about evolution to human beings, even in the modern world it is more likely that a credit card will be stolen than the possibility of being driven by a monster, even if thousands of years ago Contents that threatened their ancestors will still appear in their dreams.

In other words, with regard to dreams, Professor Hobson 's theory "Have a role of putting together a disjointed signal in the brain" and "The story that will become a rehearsal of threats that can actually occur based on information that the brain has entered There are two of Professor Revonsuo 's theory, but these two are not conflicting and both are regarded as correct. As in the actor of the improvised stage, the dream may look strange in the process of randomly replying to the information / signals the brain has received in real time.

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Then, is the content of the dream completely meaningless? Then, at the University of Cape TownDan J. SteinThe professor says, "It is impossible to prove scientifically that a crocodile is a fight against a crocodile, even if a person beaten by a fight is attacked by a crocodile for that day's dream, so it is meaningless or not Rather than having a correct answer, it indicates that "it is difficult to scientifically show the correct answer".

On the other hand, researchers at Tufts Medical College compare the 10 surveys on dreams most recently occurred in the year of the September 11 terrorist attacks (9.11) with the surveys conducted after 9.11, In the content of the dream included in the survey after 9.11, we announced that there were many things related to "attack", such as "being chased by monsters and wild animals". In this survey, because there was no specific change in dreaming content, "Dreams are images that are created by human emotions, not just what they experienced when they are awake" It is concluded.

In the future, the process by which dreams are created may also become apparent, but at this time, the memory like 9.11 is fragmented and important information such as "emotional memory" extracted from it By incorporating priority into dreams, dreams are expected to play a role in strengthening important memories. And in the process of rebuilding the fragmented memory, a new connection is created between memory and memory, and the "story" which is not occurring in reality is completed.

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