Oculus develops "Focal Surface Display" that can focus on VR video as it is in reality

Although the image of VR (virtual reality) spreading the virtual world in front of you can get a feeling of immersion enough to make you feel like a real world, there are "no sense of depth" by using a flat display etc There is still a challenge to reach the same level as reality. Mechanism that can obtain a natural feeling similar to the reality that "When you focus it and the surroundings become blurry" in such VR world "Focal Surface DisplayOculus Research has developed.

Oculus Research to Present Focal Surface Display Discovery at SIGGRAPH | Oculus

Focal Surface Displays - FSD_paper_authors_version.pdf
(PDF file)https://scontent.oculuscdn.com/v/t64.5771-25/11162698_1898529713737363_2337972817741479936_n.pdf/FSD_paper_authors_version.pdf

The following movie explains what kind of VR video can be experienced with Focal Surface Display.

Oculus Research to Present Focal Surface Display Discovery at SIGGRAPH - YouTube

Human sight is focused on one point, the surrounding scenery is blurred.

On the other hand, the VR headset is extremely stated as correcting the VR image with a magnifying glass.

So even if you focus on the VR image, there will be no blurring of the surrounding like the reality.

Therefore, when you are blurry, not all images are blurred, not all. This should be experienced if you have experienced VR.

When decomposing the scenery displayed by the conventional VR, the scenery which originally has the depth is displayed as one plane layer with the following feeling.

In fact, three-dimensional objects have depths in front and behind. Therefore, the image rendered with no depth is felt as "VR-like image". In order to solve this problem, it is considered to project an image whose depth has been changed at very short intervals, or in the future to display all the pixels stereoscopically using holographic technology, but in the future Has not yet been put to practical use yet.

The Focal Surface Display displays the object's display area so that it can feel stereoscopically by stretching it.

Through the Focal Surface Display, the effect that the surroundings become blurred according to the place where the image of VR looks like follows will be obtained.

The Focal Surface Display has a structure in which a device called Spatial Light Modulator (SLM: Spatial Light Modulator) is placed between the screen (display) and the eyepiece as follows. This device makes it possible to give the image displayed on the display a feeling of depth.

By installing this in a VR headset ...

You will be able to enjoy VR's images with a sense closer to reality, which means that you get even more immersive feeling. The Focal Surface Display will be held from July 30SIGGRAPH 2017Demo will be announced at.

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