MIT succeeded in developing a display that can be clearly seen "with the naked eye" even by people with poor eyesight

Studying or overdoing games makes my eyes worse and people with good eyes become difficult to see nearby objects as they age.PresbyopiaIn some cases, tools to correct vision such as eyeglasses and contact lenses are something that modern people can not afford. However, the types of vision correction tools that are set near these eyes are cumbersome, and most people say that they want to see clearly with the naked eye if they can. A joint research team of MIT and the University of California succeeded in developing display type "naked eye support" vision correction tool that can satisfy such a wish.

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You can understand well what kind of hardware the display "Vision-correcting display" looks perfectly with the naked eye can be understood by watching the following movie.

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Characters are blurred and difficult to read when vision is bad.

So those with bad eyes wear glasses or do contact lenses. Some people receive vision correction surgery.

MIT Media Lab's hardware for such poor visionGordon WettsteinDr. has developed.

Common visual acuity correction tools are those that are worn on human eyes.

But Dr. Wettstein 's team developed what is called "Vision - correcting display" which allows you to clearly see the screen clearly with the naked eye even with bad eyes by adjusting the image on the display side It is hardware.

The 3D technology that enables you to view the screen stereoscopically is to display slightly different images on the left and right eyes using a high resolution display,parallaxHowever, instead of making parallax, it is the image correction display that creates a picture that fits the eye of the viewer.

Dr. Wettstein developed an image correction display at the opportunity that he noticed that a person with bad eyes is correcting eyesight to see more clearly the 2D (plane) rather than 3D (stereoscopic) And that.

We have succeeded in developing smartphone sized image correction display that can see clear images with naked eyes even with bad eyes.

An image correction display with a special transparent panel on which many fine pinholes are emptied is set.

The mechanism is to change the image with a special algorithm, adjust the light with a fine pinhole on the transparent panel, and display the optimal image for the viewer so that the image can be formed even with the naked eye.

The algorithm that changes the image can be adjusted to the optimum light for the bad person, and it will be customized only for that person. In other words, it creates video exclusively for the user, so not everyone can see it clearly.

However, this newly developed algorithm for image correction can properly correct for every pattern, so depending on customization, it can respond to various symptoms that have been corrected with eyeglasses, such as hyperopia and astigmatism.

With the image correction display, you can correct the image so that the display such as smart phone · tablet terminal · PC · car navigation system can be clearly seen even with the naked eye, so you can see clear images without glasses or contact lenses.

"It is our goal to release from the annoyance of visually corrective tools of eye-care type using image correction display technology and to impact the lifestyle of bad people," Dr. Wettstein says.

The Vision-correcting display is a hardware developed by MIT and the University of California Berkeley collaborative research team, using the technology cultivated in the 3D display, while preventing the loss of resolution, the light intensity is reduced The problem was also cleared by arranging two liquid crystal panels in parallel.

The researchers have already succeeded in correcting symptoms such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, blurred vision, and applying the technique of image correction display to, for example, a meter panel of an automobile, It is thought that it is possible to eliminate dangerous movements such as removing eyeglasses for confirmation, and it is expected to be put to practical use.

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