Smart underwear "VylyV" that will allow you to enjoy inexhaustible orgasm with exercise and erectile power

Internet of thingsDue to popularization,Cooler boxYapadlock,alarm clockAlthough it is made into a smart device, smart underwear for newly strengthening the erection power and energetic power of men "VylyV"Has appeared.

VylyV: train your pelvic floor to protect and boost your manhood! - YouTube

I used dumbbells to train hard bodies ......

Jump rope and exercise endurance ... ...

As exercising to acquire more precise body movements, humans do various exercises to train the body.

As the muscles of the arms and legs, there may be little image of "training" ... ...

Near the "important part of men" is one of the most powerful muscles in the human bodyPelvic floor muscleExist.

The pelvic floor muscle is a very important muscle ... ....

I have a deep involvement in male genitalia.

However, if you are doing a sitting lifestyle or sports that stimulates the pelvic floor muscles like a bicycle, the blood flow will be bad and the body will be adversely affected.

On the other hand, if you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles more strongly ... ...

Blood flow improves, energetic and erectile power up.

The improvement of the quality of the erection and the health of the urinary tract by training of the pelvic floor muscle is also clarified by multiple medical research.

In other words ... ...

Training pelvic floor muscles is the only way to enjoy orgasm indefinitely.

That's why it was developed ...

It is "VylyV".

VylyV is a so-called smart underwear that integrated fitness shorts and patented various sensor systems. With this sensor system, it is possible to detect muscle movements under a slight unconsciousness, and this will be able to be monitored by smartphones and others. In addition, an automatic lock design using a very simple magnet is adopted, and it is said that it is adapted to fit perfectly to the body.

The material is adopted as a material which should also be called "electronic cloth" in which patented electronic circuits are knitted in cloth. Of course cloth so wash is OK.

In addition, a vibrator is embedded in the crotch part and will provide feedback on training.

In addition, a removable wireless tracker comes with ... ...

This records the wearer's exercise data and plays the role of sending it to a smartphone or the like.

VylyV not only detects the movement of muscles, but it also becomes a trainer who teaches an effective method of training pelvic floor muscles.

In addition, the vibrator embedded in VylyV informs the wearer when to exercise, such as when to exercise. In addition, it seems that the vibration is weak enough to be understood only by the wearer.

In other words, it seems that VylyV will be more effective by continuing to keep constant all the time except during exercise.

The purpose of VylyV seems to be "to integrate training of pelvic floor muscles into user's personal life without discomfort".

If you are wearing it, you can also train pelvic floor muscles while playing the game.

You can check all the results of training at VylyV with the application of smartphone.

Incidentally,Official siteAccording to the survey, we will recruit funds in the cloud fund during July.

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