What is a dental caries treatment method that does not use a drill to remove children's teeth?

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The dentist 's treatment to scrape teeth with paddles is about to avoid adults if possible, and for children it is even more a treatment of fear. On the other hand, if you leave your dental teeth, you will need oral surgery that requires anesthesia and medical expenses will be high, but in dental treatments that have been used for decades in Japan, you feel pain only by painting It is possible to prevent the progression of dental teeth, and introduction to the American dentist is started as it can treat children's teeth at low price.

A Cavity - Fighting Liquid Lets Kids Avoid Dentists' Drills - The New York Times

The only way to stop the progression of the dental prosthesis by painting it on a tooth is "Fluorinated diamine silver(Silver Diamine Fluoride) "It is a liquid medicine, and it will be effective only by painting it on the tooth teeth. It has already been used in Japan for decades, and in the United StatesAmerican Food and Drug Administration(FDA) for insurance only for use to 21 years of age or older, as a pain reliever for teeth "Advantage ArrestIt is said that it is sold under the trademark name ".

Recent studies indicate that silver diamine fluoride can stop the progression of dental teeth, so there are an increasing number of American dentists who use silver diaminate fluoride for the treatment of children outside the insurance application. University of MichiganDental cariesDr. Margherita Fontana, a faculty professor, said, "Diammonium fluoride silver has a great advantage of not requiring drills and injections," it is used in hundreds of dental clinics, The school dental department of 18 schools teach pediatric dentist students treatment using diaminophosphate silver.

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Dr. Richard Niedermann of the School of Dentistry at the University of New York, Dr. Richard Niedermann said, "Fluoro-diamine silver can be applied to the affected area in 30 seconds, I'd like to encourage children's parents better, faster, at lower prices than drills that make horrible noise "I am talking. On the other hand, diammonium fluoride silver has a disadvantage that the applied tooth turns black. However, this is said to be usable without worrying about discoloration if it is the innermost tooth like the 3rd molar or the infant teeth falling down naturally.

Diamino fluoride silver is not covered by insurance in the United States, so patients will pay all treatment costs, but still it will be lower cost than regular dental treatment. One child paid 25 dollars (about 2600 yen) for treatment with diaminophosphate silver, but it seems that if drill treatment it was $ 151 (about 15,500 yen).America Disease Control CenterAccording to the CDC survey, one quarter of children aged 2 to 5 have dental caries. Although severe dental caries treatment often uses general anesthesia, there is a possibility of putting the child's brain in the process of growing in danger.

Medical expenses in the US are higher than those in Japan, and sometimes children can not receive treatment of teeth for economic reasons. Diammonium fluoride silver is also effective as a low-income stratum dental treatment and can safely treat children's teeth. It may be difficult to use for front teeth etc. because it is discolored, but those who have children who do not like dentists may be ants trying fluoride diamine silver treatment.

ByJulie K in Taiwan

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