Amazon announces non-contact sleep tracker 'Halo Rise' using radar, it is also possible to measure sleep onset timing and REM sleep

On September 28, 2022, local time, Amazon announced the contactless sleep tracker `` Halo Rise ''. Halo Rise is a bedside, rather than body-worn, sleep tracker that uses radar to detect a sleeper's movements and breathing, and is based on machine learning algorithms trained on clinical data. It will track when you fall asleep and your sleep stages.

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Amazon, which is entering the fitness market, announced the fitness wristband `` Halo '' in 2020, and in 2021 it is reported that it is developing a `` non-contact sleep tracker using radar ''. It was done.

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And this time, Amazon announced the contactless sleep tracker 'Halo Rise'. You can see how Halo Rise is a sleep tracker by watching the following video.

Introducing Amazon's Halo Rise | Amazon News-YouTube

Halo Rise has a round shape and stands upright on its stand.

Halo Rise has a built-in radar sensor that safely emits and receives ultra-low-power radio signals, and by detecting the phase difference between reflected signals from multiple antennas, Halo Rise can determine the distance to a measured object, its movement, and breathing. etc. can be measured. It also functions as a clock, smart alarm, and wake-up light.

The user has to put Halo Rise on the bedside during the setup stage and enter 'Which side of the bed are you sleeping' in the app.

Halo Rise can detect the position of the bed and the area outside the bed by combining radar and machine learning algorithms, and can track the sleeping situation without contacting the user.

In addition to collecting data that affects sleep such as ambient brightness, indoor temperature, and humidity, and providing users with scientifically backed sleep advice ......

It helps users maintain their circadian rhythm by emitting lights and alarms when it is time to wake up. You can also work with Alexa to stream music through the speaker.

Not only sleep time can be tracked, but it is also possible to detect the timing of falling asleep from movement and breathing.

In addition, you can also measure the time of REM sleep, which is light sleep, and deep sleep. Halo Rise does not have a camera or microphone, and the sleep detection function is activated only when someone is within the range of the sensor, and it is also possible to manually turn off the sleep tracker.

In addition, it is possible to distinguish between activities such as ``reading a book while lying in bed before going to bed'' and ``watching TV while in bed'' and the stage of trying to sleep in earnest. It seems that it is possible to collect data such as 'time to do'.

Even if multiple people are sleeping in the same bed, it will correctly track the user closest to the device.

Halo Rise is equipped with a machine learning algorithm trained on thousands of hours of clinical sleep datasets to properly track the user's sleep. The sleep data set includes data from an

overnight polysomnography (PSG) that collects data by attaching a measuring device to the body, and it is said that high accuracy has been achieved even though it is non-contact.

The selling price of Halo Rise is $ 139.99 (about 20,000 yen), and it will be shipped to American users in 2022. In addition, it is said that membership rights for 6 months of 'Halo Fitness' and 'Halo Nutrition' which are Amazon's health management subscription services are also attached.

“Quality sleep is a very important factor in our health and well-being,” said Melissa Cha, Vice President of Amazon Smart Home and Health. One of the most requested.” “Halo Rise is designed to work intelligently in the background, giving you a new and easy way to manage your sleep and achieve harmony between sleep and life.” said.

Brian Heater, a writer for tech media TechCrunch, said, ``I would say there is still value in non-wearable sleep trackers. By doing so, sleep itself will change, and something like the ' observer effect ' of wearable devices will occur.' I had high hopes for Halo Rise, a contactless sleep tracker.

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