DARPA is developing a device to cure injury and illness by promoting the natural healing power of the wearer

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Department of DefenseNational Defense Advanced Research Projects Bureau(DARPA)Robot developmentYaNext Generation Computer Development,FurthermoreBullet guidance systemIt is known as an institution that is researching and developing various next-generation technologies such as research on the next generation. One such technology that DARPA is currently developing is "ElectRxThis is an amazing micro device that will easily heal injuries and diseases of the wearer with natural healing.

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"ElectRx"Closed loop controlTo encourage the natural healing of the wearer. A person who leads the ElectRx project at DARPA commented, "ElectRx will operate with a concept similar to a small device like a pacemaker."

The wearer of the ElectRx will be monitoring the biological data and the wearer will be stimulated by the exclusive wearing tool or something to increase the natural healing power without ingesting drugs and the like. In addition, ElectRx is the minimumInvasionHe can give a big impact to the health aspects of the wearer.

Although it is said that ElectRx exerts an effect both "maintenance of health" and "healing of injury", according to research it is highly possible to treat symptoms related to arthritis and self,Post traumatic stress disorderIt is considered to have a great effect in the treatment of mental illness such as PTSD.

In addition, DARPA says that it is necessary for ElectRx to use a biosensor and a device that can be implanted in the human body and to make it small enough to be injected with a needle.

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