What is the training trick for those who wish to exercise by going to the gym, 'Can I lose weight this year?'

For those who want to live a healthy lifestyle, habitual exercise is very important. However, if you can not have time to exercise in work or academic, you can not get a good result even if you go to the training gym with paying a high monthly fee. Neil Gibson who is Director of Sports Performance and Health in Heriot Watt University introduces the tricks for effectively exercising at the gym.

Gym membership: how to get the most out of it, according to a sports scientist

◆ Do not forget to warm up the room indoors <br> Mr. Gibson said the warm-up in the room should begin with a few sets of 4 to 5 simple stretches. You can also add self-weight training that increases your physical strength with your weight as a load, such as squats, lunges , press-ups, and sit-ups. It is good to have 2 to 3 sets of 6 to 8 times for these menus. Because the warm-up in the room does not require special tools or a wide place, it is advantageous that you can feel free to start anywhere.

◆ Determine the content and order of the exercise in advance <br> People who are too busy to attend the gym tend to pack various menus in one exercise. Trying to do all the menus with one exercise per se may increase the effect of each menu as time spent on exercise increases, and it is never a bad thing, Mr. Gibson said . However, it is extremely difficult to finish the menu of exercise every time in a limited time, and it tends to make easy training contents with time as an excuse. Mr. Gibson prefers that it is important to make a rough plan in advance so as not to be so.

◆ Resistance (load) training is not a waste <br> There are many scenes where muscle strength is needed even in everyday life, such as opening the lid of a bottle or sitting in an armchair. The muscles attached by resistance training are necessary not just for showing off in front of the mirror but also for maintaining the quality of life when you are older. Therefore, Mr. Gibson insists that resistance training to stress the muscles should be done without fail.

There are various types of resistance training such as push, pull, rotation, brace. It is important to push and pull a squat or a push-up, etc. to firmly imagine "how to use muscle" at the timing of stretching or shrinking the body part firmly. Mr. Gibson recommends push and pull a goal of repeating 6 to 12 times while adjusting the load

Rotational motion, on the other hand, strengthens the muscles of the trunk, commonly referred to as " core muscle ". For example, you lie on the balance ball, bend your knee to 90 degrees, put your feet flat on the floor, and twist alternately to the left and right. The bracing movement is an exercise that does not require movement at all, it is a training that lies down while maintaining a stable posture, loading the muscle by gravity. Rotating motion and bracing motion are more important than slowing down times, such as 30 seconds, rather than repeating it many times.

◆ Aerobic exercise done by organizing routine work <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> <br> Aerobic exercise is done by organizing routine work <br> <br> Aerobic exercises are exercises that use a room runner or a bicycle and positively breathe while applying a light load. Generally, it is said that it is good to keep an aerobic exercise for a long time, but Mr. Gibson does not need to take a long time for aerobic exercise and claims that it is sufficient for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Mr. Gibson says that this quota can be easily achieved by preparing four kinds of 4-minute routine work that repeats "I will exercise for 20 seconds and break for 10 seconds" eight times. We do not necessarily need to keep on the same training for a long time and argue that we can shorten the training by doing a short training while holding a short break.

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