The key to effective skin care is to 'be rich'

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Frequently, the importance of lifestyles such as meals and exercise is mentioned in cosmetic media, and many models and actresses speak about them. But Amanda Mull talks about the relationship between skin and wealth, as many people who transmit the importance of lifestyle in beauty are overlooked that they are wealthy people who can receive expensive treatment and treatment I will.

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What is said to be important in skin care is roughly divided into "Healthy living such as washing the face, avoiding sunlight, moisturizing, applying sunscreen, taking good sleep" and "paint appropriate cosmetic cream" There are 2 patterns. These two advices have been constantly appealing on women's media for a long time.

However, the pitfalls of this hand propaganda are that any advice is "from wealthy people who can get great skincare products and treatments". And wealthy people sometimes unduly emphasize the importance of lifestyle, leaving behind expensive treatments that they receive. In fact, the beauty of celebrity's skin can not be done without a dermatologist, esthetician, beauty salon, and the most effective skin care is "being wealthy."

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In 2018, Journalist Jaya Saxena discovered that there is a relationship between skin conditions and poverty. According to Mr. Saxena, the top tier of people holding straight teeth, sunburned bodies, smooth skin, etc. are holding them because they do care in the "right way" It is said that poor skin conditions mean "poverty" rather than "moral weakness".

When beauty special features are assembled with media for women, actress and model 'secret of beauty' may be released as a list, but the secret of 'beauty' media editors and writers is youth · genetic It is a matter of course that it is a lucky expensive product or treatment. However, announcing these as "the secret of beauty" is not a hope for general women, and additionally, it is difficult to recognize for celebrities.

In fact, the 2016 at the Victoria's Secret where the survey of model our has been made, "drink the water" eight out of 17 people living habits, such as "movement" is praise, hand in drugstore Even though inexpensive skin care products that can be put into the evaluation were also evaluated, weak current treatment from the $ 200 (about 22,000 yen) provided by Victoria's Secret's skin care expert Mzia Shiman as one person and LED light I did not mention bed treatment. Also, in an article asking details on the original skin care, Angela Lindvall reveals that it uses a skin care product of $ 629 (about 68,000 yen).

Drinking fresh foods and plenty of water , and having a good sleep do not make sense. Studies show that these three are related to the appearance of the skin and it helps to achieve a moderate look. However, it is said that beautiful skin in famous crowds can not be obtained only by a moderate life without age or genetic factors. On the other hand, it is also true that only some people can get stable jobs to get plenty of sleep and fresh and safe water and food.

Skin tends to be regarded as an expression of that person's lifestyle. A skin care boom has been visited over the past few years, and those who have come close to their eyes in their late thirties have come to seek a cream with immediate effect. However, no matter how good the cream is, the skin will lose its skin with age as well. A number of beauty treatments have appeared, such as Botox to erase wrinkles there. With such expensive procedures, it can be said that it is easier to classify people from the state of the skin in modern times.

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