"Lush's manufacturing site" Lush kitchen "infiltration report" Chef "makes flashy shampoo and soap from raw vegetables & fruits

Handle scented soap and shower products such as authentic fruits that are colorful like foreign sweets "Lush (rush)"Handmade products with fresh fruits and vegetables, contrary to the impactful appearance, products are like" food expiration "like food. Rush does not use synthetic preservatives as much as possible, it uses unique methods such as reducing the water content of products and preventing the growth of bacteria by using cacao butter and honey, among them the on-line limited Handmade a product little by little every day "Rush kitchen"is. When I went to the rush kitchen to see how items were made, it was strange that cooking could be unfolded for 3 minutes in front of me, although shower products are supposed to be made.

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There is "kitchen" which is the factory of rush, Nakatsu 4027-3 Aikawa-machi, Aiko-gun, Kanagawa prefecture. It is located in Shin - Yokohama station about 50 minutes by train and it is 30 minutes by bus and 5 minutes on foot after arriving at Hon - Atsugi station of Odakyu Electric Railway Odawara Line. In such a calm residential area ......

I found the character "LUSH" in white in black.

This is a building with a rush kitchen. In an atmosphere like a factory, there is a loading port on the first floor, and loads are stacked like a warehouse.

Lavender was blooming at the entrance of the building.

So in the building. Although the appearance of the building was an inorganic impression, inside has a wooden part with a boarding part as well.

Looking at the guide "WELCOME TO LUSH", there was a kitchen which is a place of manufacture between the warehouse on the first floor and the office on the 4th floor.

When getting on the elevator, the inside is colorful like the moment of the universe's birth. This is a rush bathing agent "Bath BombIt is said to be a picture of the moment when it melts in hot water.

First of all, I arrived on the fourth floor, a floor with an office.

On the black walls we believe that we will make effective products from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, high quality essential oils, and safe confirmed synthetic materials. "" We are a happy person "I believe that you will make a happy soap" "is written in" Rush 's belief "is written.

At the entrance of the office there is a note called "OFFICE" ......

Inside is like this. It is a fashionable interior that felt a natural atmosphere, such as a green carpet like lawn or woody furniture.

In the floor it is the same rush store that you see in town.

Products are arranged side by side with the same feeling as shops. With this space, employees can immediately see how their merchandise is now being displayed at the shop.

Develop in Tokyo · Daikanyama and Kyoto · ShijyoLUSH SPAAlso it was installed. If you make a reservation, it seems that employees can do the operation. Colorful products are a rush of features, but here it is designed to be "a space invited to the UK house," and it is a calm atmosphere.

So, I will visit the state of manufacturing immediately. Before going to the kitchen, the uniform was handed first.

I changed my shoes ......

To the rush kitchen. The chef 's "Mikey" and "Matsun" greet me

Inside is like this. This place is not a product handled at a store, but a place to manufacture products limited to online service "Rush kitchen".

Firstly, according to the chef's Mattun, "What is this rush kitchen?" Will be explained.

In the first place, Rush is a cosmetic manufacturer from the UK, using fresh fruits and vegetables containing nutrition, we manufacture shower products, skin care, hair care, body powder and so on. Among them, "rush kitchen" is not sold at over-the-counter, we are making a way to make products that are handled online on only 34 to 1000 a day per product, and finish as soon as it disappears. In addition to items conforming to the theme "prepare for summer" items,Through SNSIt is quite a special system that customers are accepting requests for "I want them to make such things" "I want you to reprint that item". Product manufacturing in the rush basically has full-time chefs for each product category, but the chef of "Rush kitchen" is also characterized by being able to manufacture all product categories.

SNSInstagram·Facebook·TwitterIn Instagram, along with the tag "#BathArt", the user posts a state when the user dissolved the rush bathing agent "bath bomb" in hot water.

Lush Kitchen (@ lushkitchen) • Instagram photos and videos

The metal shelves are lined with ingredients actually used for soap and shampoo.

The ones that dried the petals in the left two bottles are for putting the extract in hot water and extracting the fragrance of the product. The right jar is packed with cocoa butter.

There was sake such as vodka. It seems to be used to add the effect of cleansing the skin.

Also, the product of Rush sometimes contains glittering lame, but as the microplastic lame which is commonly on the market flows along with water, marine organisms eventually Eating as bait will affect the ocean ecosystem. Therefore, in the rush it is using lame made from sugar, minerals, agar etc. It seems that the lame reflected in the image is made from agar.

In the back of the room is a full-fledged kitchen that seems to think "Here's a kitchen for a restaurant ..."?

The mixer used when kneading the product is the same thing actually used in bakeries and confectionery shops. It seems that we can handle about 15 kg capacity at once.

A pan spreads over the heater. The herbs and the like which I saw earlier will extract the extract here.

And this is the refrigerator that contains the material.

A lot of lemon and ...

Banana, fruit juice

Tomatoes andFennelIt was in.

That way, I will actually make products in front of you. What we are making this time is "Cheers!Shower gel called. The appearance of the chef standing in front of the ingredients is just 3 minutes cooking, and that music seems to be heard at the moment.

It is lime to use first.

I will peel the skin with smooth handwork. At this time, when you touch or cut fruits, the chef knows how much ripe fruit is, so we will fine-tune how to mix according to maturity. For this reason it is for this reason that rush manually manufactures products, and as long as you use raw fruits and vegetables, if you work with the machine evenly, the product will not stabilize.

Extract fragrant extract with warm water on lime's skin.

Fluffy and fresh and refreshing fragrance will spread.

Meanwhile squeezing lime juice ......

Remove only fruit juice from which seeds and pulp are excluded. It is said that it can not be too strong or too weak, and here is also a part that adds power with subtle exaggerated professionalism.

As usual, I extract the extract thoroughly from lime skin, but ...

"This time we are preparing a base with the extract of lime already extracted because there is no time", this is also the way of cooking three minutes here.

The orange base also contains honey to keep the skin clean and coloring levels that are also used for food.

I put the lime juice squeezed earlier into this base.

Subsequently, we introduced seawater with plenty of minerals taken in the waters of Ogasawara.

It is still a smooth liquid in the state so far.

We will add more essential oil, but add oil directly to the base will separate it with water and oil, so we will combine it with "washing ingredients refined from coconut" earlier.

Mixing the two liquids creates sticky whitish objects that are strange to say.

Loose head

It is based on this.

When mixing bases with spat ......

A terrone-like object like slime has come up.

This is the chef's arm's showroom. There is something that becomes harder and harder when mixed depending on the product, and there are things that become loose, so we adjust the mixing condition according to the state of the material, and make the finished product uniform.

Originally, I left the air for 1 day and then I will fill the bottle, but this time I had you show the bottling stuffing work with no time.

I will fill the bottle with the finished liquid with a feeling like squeezing cream cream. This completes the shower gel "Cheers!"

The kitchen has a wrapping room next to it, where another staff wraps the product.

Arranging in the box is "A thousand nights overnightMassage bar called.

It will be wrapped one by one by the staff's hands. The wrapping paper is also different from what is used in the rush store, original fruits and vegetables are printed.

Where shower gel making has settled down, I asked people inside about rush products and rush kitchen.

GIGAZINE (hereinafter, G):
I showed you how the products of the rush are made, but are all product development done in the UK which is the home country?

Kitchen Chef Matsun (Mattun):
Well, the recipe comes from the UK and makes it. Of course, I make it based on the recipe made in England, but there are some things that we can change. In that case, I will review the way of making again in the UK.

Is not that you adjust in Japan, would you please adjust over there?

Of course I will adjust it in Japan, but after doing it, I will propose "I want to do this".

That is OK as it came out, and I will make it here. Water is different in England and Japan, but will you make a difference in the product from there?

Well, strictly speaking, it differs between hard water and soft water, so even if you use exactly the same raw materials, there are some differences in British and Japanese textures depending on the product.

Leave that difference anymore, make it with the same recipe.

Yes. Another thing is the chef 's arms. There are goods which become harder or become loose as you mix, and there are product characteristics, so we will moderate accordingly. Is it the standard of the product of the rush, it is feeling that we will adjust with ourself well by themselves so that it will become a product that meets the criteria we have. There is a part that can not be trusted by the machine by all means, so we always do our hand.

I have talked about the standards, but who will do the final check as to whether they meet the criteria?

The OK of the product is left to each department. For example, the next fresh room has mud washingFresh face maskHowever, it is left to the fresh room to keep responsibility and quality of the products against it.

Also, since there are chefs to make and wrapping chefs, when the chefs wrapping perform stuffing or putting them in a bag, they also play a role of looking at the state of "shapes are not collapsed". It is made with recognition that "ship goods" from one room, so it is feeling that there is responsibility for each room. So it is slightly different that there are people who oversee and check everything.

Each one is responsible.

Rush PR · Mr. Oyama (hereinafter referred to as Oyama):
It is a feeling that the process is divided in general as a company or factory, the quality check is a quality check, the wrapping is done by the machine with wrapping, so it may be said that it is a rush unique to do anything by one person. Not.

I see.

The work of manufacturing is only skilled because it is a skilled chef. For example, it may not be said that it is only necessary to feed one soap, just to type. It is because of those who are called "chefs" that can realize subtle exercise from experience.

The product of the rush which is handled at the shop front has a seal called "face label", but as this is seen by the customer "it is made by such a person" and at the same time, My founder suggested that my family also be proud that "My son and daughter are making this way". That's why a confidently skilled chef enters the rush.

Also, Mattun was a pastry before entering the rush.

Pastry! Certainly, the work is common.

The "rush kitchen tour" where you can see the state of manufacture is different from what you make by that round, but the opportunity to see the spectacle the chef makes in front of you is not quite so excited I am going home with having fun. Thanks to you, the magnification of the rush kitchen tour can exceed 200 times now.

Is it 200 times ... ?.

More recently, more than 10,000 people applied.

How long have you been doing the rush kitchen itself?

It opened in October 2014. So, it has not been more than two years, about a year and a half year. Rush is developing in 59 countries around the world, but only Japan and the UK are doing the service of "Rush kitchen", and only Japan is doing the tour among them.

It is a very valuable opportunity. By the way, while listening to stories, Rush is a very unique company, but what kind of person is working? Everyone, what is the deciding factor that I thought to enter the rush?

Basically, I and Miki are the same, but I like rush.

Does that mean you were using the original rush product?

I agree. Between me and Mikey are different at different times, but they are originally a rush user.

I stopped cake shop because my skin became severe, but I came across a rush and I heard that it was healed like fragrance or comfort, but my symptoms improved so much and my life got over it is. So, I wanted to recommend rush to people, I entered the store. For a while, I had to tell the customer the goodness of the rush at the shop, but since I was originally making it, it became wind "I want to make it", moved to the kitchen, manufactured in various places, now I am here.

How did Mikey get in with the circumstances?

I am similar, but I love the rush first and I am using it since high school students. Also, I love animals. Sometimes I liked bus time very much, but I know that many cosmetic companies are tolerating animal experiments, I would like to join the rush because I want to spread cosmetics not to animal experiment to the world I am bad.

There are a lot of people who sympathize with the rush philosophy as a person who has entered the rush.

When I interview, I always tell you what kind of company. Therefore, those who join the company are sure to understand it before entering. I think that there are many people who are sympathizing with beliefs. I also thought that it was originally a human in the PR field because of that reason, but I was thinking that I would like to PR for a company that does not just want to make product PR but something about society's various tasks But, there are not many such companies.

In the belief of Rush, "We believe that a happy person makes a happy soap", but when I joined the company, I thought on the first day. "Everyone is bright". It was a different company since I was a Japanese company that worked before that.

Rush public relations · Sasaki:
Initially I joined the shop at part-time job, and to the manager, after doing 10 years I have been doing things like PR of the rush kitchen. Because I want the customer to see the fun that I am making and the glamor of the appearance and I want to tell it to the staff of the shop, so through the event like the rush kitchen tour, "I am doing what I want to do" I feel.

Do not recruit new graduates so much?

I do not mean to be aggressive. First of all I recommend working as a part-time job. As Matsun and Mikey have said, there are times when there are various opportunities from shop staff. Also, our company has no hierarchy.

I mean?

I am of course an organization so I have a job title, but I do not like hierarchy. That's why it is an environment where you can express your opinions flatly, for exampleLGBT campaignEven if it takes one, it is not that the manager said separately that "Please do about this subject". It is often that such a campaign is to be held in the whole world from that voice such as "let's pick it up" by one employee, is not it? I think that the ventilation is very good.

It's like a circle that gathered around "Rush likes".

It may be so. There are also meetings where employees gather from all over the world, but if it's a normal company, then the target for sales next year, so take a strategy like this. But, there are not such stories at all, and it is composed entirely of such things as people who are inspired by everyone, for example, they invited people from various activists, etc. Over the course of days Listen to the lecture ... .... The content of these lectures led to brand philosophy.

Is it a free meeting?

Not a free participation, for example, a manager looking at a shop, a person working in an office like us, a manufacturing related person gathered in Britain from all over the world, when nearly 1000 people There is also.

Is that meeting at a fixed time every year?

It is about 4 times.

There are also four times. Are you going to go?

Some people go every time, some time it is like that.

It is interesting.

There are so many different stories, so I talked about various things today, but I guess I'm going to get exhausted if I do everything (lol) If I have another chance I would like to talk about various things.

Thank you for today.

By the way, a colorful box arrived at the editorial department after the interview. When opening it ... ....

Inside the shower gel "Chiaz!" Made in front of you and a new product to be released on Friday, July 15Cream soap "ruler"It was in.

It seems that the color of the shower gel is brighter than it was when it was fresh, because the air has escaped.

Rulard is a soap made with the aim of zero waste by unwrapping the package by winding a soft cream soap with hard soap paper using melon's fruit. A state of manufacture on the websiteIt is published in a short movie, This seemed to be very tasty.

In addition to visiting the inside of the rush kitchen covered this time, you can also eat lunch using ingredients used in the product, enter the LUSH SPA room and experience the world of SPA Free of participation feeRush kitchen tourIt is scheduled to be held on Saturday, August 27 next time. Monday July 25 (Monday) Applications will be possible from 10 o'clock in the following web page.

【Rush Kitchen Tour】 Information about next event | Rush for Natural Cosmetics · Soaps - Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

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