Carbonated beverage using apple vinegar and new ginger "PINK GINGER SPARKLING" tasting review

Since Itoen released a carbonated drink "PINK GINGER SPARKLING (Pink Ginger Sparkling)" using 100% domestic ginger and apple vinegar from August 10 (Monday), I bought and drank it. Ginger has been drunk as ginger hot water in the winter as good for health, but now it is drawing attention as a food material that supports comfortable living even in the summer, and "PINK GINGER SPARKLING" together with apple vinegar make it healthy It seems that it is a carbonated beverage for those who care about.

Review from below.
"PINK GINGER SPARKLING" Start selling from Monday, August 10: News release | Itoen

Pink color that stands out at the sales floor.

I use new ginger and apple cider vinegar.

Raw material is like this.

84 kcal at 450 ml.

It is micro carbonic acid.

It is a level you do not know unless you are conscious of apple cider vinegar, with feeling like ginger-like solid cherry color ginger ale. It is refreshing and refreshing, and it is for summer anyway.

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