Speaking that Bill Gates' effective 'gene drive' technology to eradicate malaria will appear within 5 years

A creature that kills the most human beings on the earth is a "mosquito"It is said that it is. Bill Gates, a founder of Microsoft who continues to donate by grasping the fact that more than 700,000 people are killed annually by mosquitoes that mediate malaria as a serious matter centered on "three to five There is a possibility that there will be effective technology to eradicate malaria within the year ", he said in an interview.

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Mr. Gates, who funds over 200 million dollars (about 21 billion yen) for a mosquito-mediated disease research through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, was awarded the American Association for Microbiology Before attendingBloombergIn response to the interview, I talked about the threat posed by mosquitoes, their countermeasures, and their own views.

Genetic scientists are advancing research on mosquitoes that cause diseases by mediating viruses such as malaria and dengue, and disrupting the pathogen by modifying genes. While understanding the possibility of altering genes to understand the possibility of unexpected effects in the living world, Mr. Gates said "My fact that the fact that a child is dead in malaria is evil is my basic It is a belief, "and showed that he intends to support research personally.

Among numerous genetic modification techniques, Mr. Gates is paying attention to the fact that genes can be freely rewritten to obtain desired traitsGenome editing"is. You can see how the technology of genome editing is by looking at the following article.

What technology is "genome editing" in God's domain that can freely design genes and change the characteristics of living things? - GIGAZINE

There are two approaches to eradicating malaria by editing genome, one of which is genetic manipulation that is resistant to malaria parasite, and the other is to make mosquito infertile by genetic manipulation. Whichever method is adopted, it becomes the big obstacle that even if mosquitoes are simply created by gene manipulation, genetic elements are handed down only with a probability of 1/2 if mating with mosquito naturally in the normal way So it was that the effect was limited both temporally and probabilistically. However, the newly developed "(PDF file) Gene drive(Gene drive) ", this difficult problem is being cleared.

Research teams such as Dr. Anthony James of Dr. Anthony James of the University of California at Irvine succeeded in developing a gene drive which is a technique to inherit anti-malaria resistance gene to mosquito with a high probability of 99% or more. In addition, when I released it in a mosquito growing a mosquito with a genetic character of infertility in the laboratory, I was able to kill the entire mosquito at a very fast rate.

According to Gates, genetic modification using genome editing has a danger, there is also a danger, and while admitting that deeper discussion is necessary, it is effective for eradication of malaria within the next three to five years I think that gene drive technology will be developed.

In addition, Mr. Gates states that there is a possibility that large-scale experiments will be conducted in Colombia and Brazil in 2017 on mosquitoes that can block the transmission of viruses to the natural world not only for malaria but also for eradication of dick virus.

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