A movie that crouches Japanese cute "Kawaii" and supports trump candidates is reproduced over 3.3 million times and it is very popular

Although it attracts attention with numerous extreme remarks, Donald Trump, who won the Republican nomination rights in the 2016 US presidential election, arranged a cowardly Japanese style of cheerful culture to support the movie "Japanese Donald Trump Commercial Card 2016"Has been released, popularization is gathered by collecting the number of views of 3.3 million times or more.

Japanese Donald Trump Commercial Card 2016 - YouTube

Room where Mr. Trump 's photo was pasted on pink wall.

The blue-haired girl who is the owner of the room is staring at ... ...

Of course he is Mr. Trump.

Then Mr. Trump in the photo winked.

A girl who admires the wink.

On TV, news that Mr. Trump got into office as president is flowing.

The girl's body whose tension has gone up begins to shine ......


The girl warps to another world as it is.

Jumping into the mouth part of a statue that shaped Mr. Trump 's face ......

Around everything Mr. Trump is full of world.

I ride on Mr. Trump 's face and fly around the sky.

It was a huge dinosaur with Mr. Trump 's face that girls straddled.

Mr. Playing cards deformed is very cute.

Mr. Trump of double piece.

Mr. Komanichi style cards.

Mr. Trump pointed.

Mr. Trump, who holds the heart in front of his chest.

A girl came running ......

To Mr. Trump, ... ....

Hot embrace.

Trump Robo appeared.

"Trumping million years old"

Trump Robo puts out light from the hand, destroys the earth and the movie is over.

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