Mario dolls on a huge Mario Robo

I think that it is a huge Mario doll and Mario robot doll that the real Mario is manipulating at the hat.

In the idea that may actually appear in the game, perhaps it will be the stage to advance on such a robot in the future Mario series.

Details are as follows. - KodyKoala's Custom Mario Mech Vinyl Figure

This is a Mario robot. It seems like Mario is normal seemingly ... ....

There is a cockpit at the head, and real Mario is manipulating here.

It is easy to understand that Mario is on top when looking from the side.

The angle from the right.


Kodykoala who produced this Mario Robo is also making american ticky and solid body Mario etc. This is Mario.


Princess Peach. If it is such a princess, it seems that the koppa will not go through.

Kinopio. Only the mushroom and clothes of the head have the prototype.


All members. In this way it looks just like a cosplay party.

There are various figures besides Mario. This is Donald.


You can see other images from below.

Flickr: kodykoala's Photostream

The Mario Robo series is the first bullet, so it seems that Luigi and Princess Peach will also be made in the future.

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