30 different variations of Super Mario Beard

Mario is one of the characters popular all over the world. His trademark will be a red hat and that mustache again. Live-action movie made based on "Super Mario Bros."Super Mario goddess of Makai EmpireBut the role of Mario had a mustache.

There was an image showing various variations of that mario's mustache. At the same time as you know the height of the original perfection, there are things that seem to be interesting if you have such a Mario.

Various whiskers are from the following.

This is the original.


ChaplinBeard. I am likely to be in a comedy.

Ringo StarBeard. Because both ends of the beard are going down, the impression is quite different.

GandhiBeard. This is not very uncomfortable.

Mystery ZoroBeard.Antonio BanderasIf Mario is playing, is it such a feeling?

StalinBeard.Mario became a passionate communityPerfect for.

Beard of captain Hook who comes out in Peter Pan. It is due to Disney movies that I get impression that there is something missing while there is a villainity.

As usual, the usual beard is most suited to Mario.

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