SOFTBANK MOBILE revises pledges to compete with other company's new price plans within 24 hours

SOFTBANK MOBILE recentlyWe announced discount plan "Student Discount" for students with basic usage fee of 0 yenHowever, at the same time SoftBank Mobile's service was launched as "promise"Compete with other company's new price plan within 24 hoursIt is revealed that the policy of rebuilding the policy is reviewed.

Details are as below.
About white school discount portal site "Contents school discount club"

According to this release, SOFTBANK MOBILE announced "White Plan" "W White" "White Family 24" as a major factor that the number of net additions by mobile phone company by mobile phone operator increased from No. 1 in May 2007 for eight consecutive months We have said that by introducing "White Student Discount" this time, we will be more satisfied with the user than ever.

While keeping the policy of commitment to announce competing services within 24 hours to announce new company's new rate service based on the fact that its own service has become stronger, Softbank Mobile It seems to announce competing services when judging it is necessary.

SoftBank Mobile alreadyNTT docomoYaAu launchedIt does not follow the PC connection flat rate plan, but this is for the lastWe are announcing a counter plan within 24 hours because it is only about a price plan that uses a general mobile phoneAnd that. What is it ...?

I do not know what kind of rate plan it will compete against and what kind of price plan it will not compete, but I am not likely to keep an eye on the trend of SOFTBANK MOBILE in the future.

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