US Presidential candidate Obama and McCain are surprised street dance showdowns? It is!

The Democratic Party currently confronting the US presidential campaignBarack ObamaMr. and RepublicanJohn McCainA movie in which Mr. is making a dance showdown. Regardless of Mr. Obama, Mr. McCain will show off a light dance, and a certain rush-on person will also appear there.

I think that it is a "fake" only by the title, but I care about whether it is genuine or not, and I will find it casually. Let's see if you are dancing skill and real.

Movie playback is below.
MiniMovie Channel - McCain - Obama Dance - Off

Mr. Obama is having fun dancing ...

Mr. McCain is intruding.

Mr. McCain has not lost either.

So which one is better?

Here is a rumorous Republican vice presidential candidateSarah PalinMr. intrudes.

After dancing a lot, Mr. Palin left. The game seems to be deposited.

After all, it seems that the face of Obama · McCain · Peyrin was synthesized.

By the way, there seems to be a movie of dance contest including George Bush.
MiniMovie Channel - Dancing With the Political Stars

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