Mouse demonstrated the effectiveness of the epoch-making new antibiotic "Teixobactin", an end to the battle over 25 years


It causes infectious diseases that endanger lifeMethicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus(MRSA) is a multidrug-resistant bacterium that is resistant to many antibiotics. Antibiotics effective for multidrug-resistant bacteria, which deprive hundreds of thousands of people every year over 25 years, have not been found, but new antibiotics that can cope with drug-resistant bacteria including MRSATeixobactin(Texobactin /Take Sobaktin) "Was published in Nature magazine.

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The joint research team of Bonn University and North Eastern University has published research results demonstrating the effectiveness of the new antibiotic "Teixobactin". With research leaderAntimicrobial Discovery CenterProfessor Kim Lewis of the Center for Antibiotic Discovery, said, "Teixobactin has extraordinary bactericidal ability and can promptly suppress infection." Regarding drug resistance as well, it took more than 30 years for bacteria to tolerate Teixobactin.

Mouse experiments can cause life-threatening blood diseases and pulmonary infectionsStaphylococcus aureusWhenStreptococcus pneumoniaeSucceeded in removing. It infects the heart, prostate gland, urinary tract, abdomenEnterococciIt was found to be effective as well.

The disadvantage of Teixobactin is that it has no cell wall on the outer side like MRSA · Streptococcus · Mycobacterium tuberculosisGram positive bacteriaIt is valid only for. Of antibiotic resistant pathogensKlebsiella(Klebsiella pneumoniae) · Escherichia coli ·PseudomonaslikeGram negative bacteriaAlthough it is said that it is not effective against researchers, we are working on research to enable Teixobactin against gram-negative bacteria.

In the report of 2014, WHO emphasizes the dangers of drug-resistant bacteria and states that the world has entered the era of tackling antibiotics. According to the research report of the British government, drug resistant bacteria deprive 700,000 people annually and it is estimated that 10 million more will die by 2050 unless there is a new antibiotic. The effect of Teixobactin has just been proved by mouse experiments, and clinical trials confirming the safety to the human body will be done within 2 years from 2015. It is expected that it will take 5 to 6 years to put it into practical use as a medicine.

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