Moderna announces plans to develop mRNA vaccine for '15 most dangerous infectious diseases' such as tuberculosis and malaria

Moderna, a pharmaceutical company that became famous for the development of the new corona virus vaccine, is working on the development of multiple vaccines such as

HIV vaccine and influenza vaccine by applying the technology of mRNA vaccine. Moderna has announced that it will start researching vaccines against ' 15 pathogens that are considered to be the greatest public health risk ' such as tuberculosis, malaria, and Ebola, and will start clinical trials by 2025.

Moderna --Moderna Announces Its Global Public Health Strategy

Moderna is a company that developed a new coronavirus vaccine at an astonishing speed during the global epidemic of the new coronavirus and became famous, but the research and development of the mRNA vaccine itself was undertaken even before the new coronavirus turmoil. .. Influenza vaccine clinical trials began in July 2021 and HIV vaccine clinical trials began in 2022, and vaccine development using mRNA technology is underway for multiple intractable diseases.

First clinical trial of HIV mRNA vaccine started, using Moderna's new corona vaccine technology-GIGAZINE

On March 7, 2022, Moderna newly released ' Chikungunya fever ,' 'New coronavirus infection (COVID-19),' ' Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, ' ' Dengue fever ,' 'Ebola hemorrhagic fever,' 'HIV,' 'Malaria,' and ' Marburg disease .' ' Lassa fever ' ' Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) ' ' Nipah virus infection ' ' Rift Valley fever ' ' Severe febrile thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS) ' 'Tube tuberculosis' ' Dengue virus infection ' 'World Health Organization (WHO) ) And the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have announced a research plan to develop vaccines for '15 types of pathogens treated as the greatest public health risk' and to start clinical trials by 2025.

Regarding the development of vaccines against the above 15 pathogens, Moderna said, 'We started developing a new coronavirus vaccine in early 2020, and after demonstrating its efficacy and safety in 11 months, hundreds of millions of people around the world We have provided vaccines to people. We also promise to provide products that prevent pandemics other than the new coronavirus, 'he said, showing confidence in the success of the development.

At the same time as the above announcement, Moderna 'started to provide' mRNA Access ', a support program using Moderna's mRNA technology for researchers all over the world.' 'COVID-19-related patents were granted to 92 low- and middle-income countries. He also announced strategies such as 'a commitment not to exercise' and 'establishment of an mRNA vaccine manufacturing base in Kenya with the support of the US government'. Regarding these strategies, Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said, 'We should not consider the new coronavirus to be the last pandemic to impact the world. Through joint development, Moderna is an innovation to address infectious diseases that pose a huge risk to public health. We will continue to develop new vaccines. '

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