A fierce man who freely manipulates the drone with just a gesture using the controller for the Nintendo "Power Glove" appeared

There are models in the drones that can operate smart phones and tablets as a controller instead of hackersNolan MooreMr. says what a controller for family computers released in 1990Power gloveWe are using a gesture to steer a drone.

Nintendo Power Glove Controls Drone - YouTube

A man wearing a blue shirt is Moore.

Pushing the button of the power glove attached to the arm ......

The rotary wing starts to move and the drones float in the air.

Drone stops in the air when holding a hand wearing the power glove and ...

Open the hover by opening your palm and palm.

By tilting the fist while gripping the hand,rollingYapitchingCan.

Moore, who uses this to freely move the drones in a narrow space.

Furthermore, if you stand your finger upwards, the drones will raise the altitude.

Also, by rotating the fist while keeping your fingers upright,YawingIt is possible.

If you point your finger downwards, you can also let the drone fall down.

At the end I pushed the button of the power glove at hand and stopped the drone.

In addition, this is remodeling the power glove, Mr. Moore is doing to make the dream of "I want to make everything operable!" Such as drone and robot, "Power Glove Universal HIDOne of the demonstrations that took place in the project. Details of the project are summarized on the following page, and wireless power function and motion control function are added to the power glove.

In addition, the process of applying remodeling etc. is to be seen in details from the following page.

Power Glove Universal HID • Hackaday.io

Mr. Moore thought about modifying the power glove because he accidentally obtained a power glove at auction.

In remodeling the power glove, Mr. Moore renewed the inner board etc. And microcontroller, LiPro rechargeable battery, Wi-Fi, othersIMU, It seems to have equipped with various sensors.

The parts used for the rebuilt power glove are Teensy LC / 3 of the power glove main body · small microcomputer board · ESP 8266 of the Wi-Fi module ·Flex Sensor 2.2· Gyro sensor etc. were mountedAltIMU-10 v4· Regulator'sS7V8F3· 2000 mAh battery pack.

"Flex Sensor 2.2" which is a sensor for detecting "bending" on the finger part is installed, which makes it possible to detect "the state holding the fist" and "the state of fingering" I will.

In addition, a movie containing a state of the test flight of the drone using the modified power glove is also released.

Power Glove UHID - First Test - YouTube

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